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    IEEE bans Huawei scientists from reviewing papers

    (I didn't find any article like this already posted) Source:
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    PC HARDWARE Benchmarks show how much Spectre and Meltdown mitigation slow Intel chips

    "With the full suite of mitigations enabled, the CPU performance ranking is: 1. 2990WX (238) 2. 7980XE (231) 3. 2700X (213) 4. 8700K (204) 5. 6800K (159) AMD, in other words, now leads the aggregate performance metrics, moving from 3rd and 4th to 1st and 3rd." Source...
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    Windows 10 Pro R210 and Office 2016 Pro R470

    Hi, Thought you guys might be interested should you want cheap Microsoft software. Note: - These isn't an affiliate link. - I'm not associated with the website.
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    Day 1: Final Voter Registration Weekend for 2019 Elections
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    Raru - 3 weeks and no refund, after 4 weeks of no stock

    Hi everyone, I'm waiting for 3 weeks for Raru to refund R4000, after they couldn't deliver on an order for 4 weeks. Order placed and paid for on 30 Oct. I've emailed them multiple times and sent them a message on Facebook. They have a poor response of it's their busy period, so it will take...
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    Android Pie removes call recording ability

    Just a heads up. As part of the master race *cough* Oneplus 6 owner *cough*, I installed Pie today. :sneaky: Unfortunately the call recording ability has been removed in Android 9 also known on the street as Pie. This is due to the privacy or something.:(...
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    Telephony Company CBA + 3CX PBX - Please post your experience

    Hi MyBBers, I am posting this here, because I am not sure if there is a more appropriate sub-section in the forum. I was wondering if other users have experience with a company called CBA Group and/or the 3CX PBX system. From hellopeter it seems they only have one negative review...
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    Multiple Edgars Gift Cards From Wedding Not Working

    My wife and I got married in Dec 2011. We received 3 Edgars gift cards besides others. We were married in Durban though reside in Somerset West, CPT. Only 1 of the 3 gift cards worked, the others did not. 1 of these cards might have been purchased in JHB area from family members. This partly...