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    What to do if you keep hearing ‘no’ after your job interview

    Ask them to tell me if I did not get the job, instead.
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    Soon to be graduate looking for life advice

    Pretty much all algo trading over the last 15 years uses ML.
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    Soon to be graduate looking for life advice

    If you can’t code, no matter what you know, it won’t actually be useful. Masters in Financials Maths is fine (better than not having it), but most companies overseas seem to prefer the equivalent level of education in a pure science (maths, stats, app maths, physics, etc), since the finance...
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    Soon to be graduate looking for life advice

    Learn to code, and try get a job in quantitative finance in the UK.
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    What South African tech enthusiasts like buying

    According to all the recent articles, apparently it’s one way plane tickets...
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    South African banks battling over scarce IT skills in South Africa

    Perhaps in November 2019 there won’t be. :p
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    Clear Score

    They tend to use metrics like “percentage of available credit used”, as big indicators. This means that 0 means no credit, no score. Using all your credit means that you’re a risk. Buying lunch once a month, means that you are super responsible. Even more so if you have many credit cards...
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    BSc Computing Honours UNISA

    What did you do in 2nd and 3rd year apart from CS? It has irked me that universities stopped making 2nd maths or stats or applied maths compulsory (e.g., UCT had one of these compulsory for a CS major, and required that something other than CS be taken for at least 25% of 3rd year). That said...
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    AMD working on 64-core, 128-thread processor

    Yup, I remember. We will probably get a prerelease at some point. Looking forward to testing, since the other one was pretty meh. The thread scheduling won’t make a difference (we bind the threads ourselves), and don’t oversubscribe the cores. The NUMA effects are inherent in the chiplet...
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    AMD working on 64-core, 128-thread processor

    A process advantage is nice to have (not disputing that), and Intel is definitely falling behind in this area. Thus far though, Intel’s chips have all been vastly superior to AMD’s for most of our workloads. Even with this current generation, Intel has 2x the flops per core per clock vs this...
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    AMD working on 64-core, 128-thread processor

    I’m not sure what your point is - generally, they are trying to achieve better perf/W, perf/$ or perf/rack-unit by going to higher core counts. In some cases they actually do have better absolute flops (you are comparing old AVX machines to AVX512 in some cases). If you are talking integer...
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    AMD working on 64-core, 128-thread processor

    It’s a Xeon Phi. It has multiple AVX512 pipes, so it’s FLOPS per core is way higher than those of higher clocked Xeons. Especially at the time it was released, which was long before Skylake-X. Still not as fast as competing GPUs though. It also has higher bandwidth, and special instructions.
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    Engineering help. (Study wise)

    Most of the electrical engineers I know, make $500k+/y USD (this isn’t the norm, but the potential upside I mentioned). The maths, physics, signal processing, control theory, etc. can be used in other industries. There is a huge market for those with digital design expertise as well. You also...
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    Engineering help. (Study wise)

    Rather become an electrical engineer. Higher averages, and much better upside.
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    A major shortage of computer skills has hit South African banks hard

    I have to have any trades I do with my personal money cleared in advance because of my position at work (USA).
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    AMD working on 64-core, 128-thread processor

    We have a distributed build setup on our supercomputer, so we get maximum parallelism every time. Our 56 core boxes were too slow! :)
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    AMD working on 64-core, 128-thread processor

    The Xeon Phi was a hunk-a-junk to try salvage Intels last big GPU project and to compete with GPU compute. It failed horribly and was finally cancelled last year.
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    How many times a day do you quit your job?

    I also enjoy my job. Challenging problems, great pay, smart co-workers, frequent travel (as much as I want), etc. Most of us don’t need to work at all, which is a testament to the environment. There are some stresses of course, but these are relatively minor and are offset by the benefits.
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    Further studying

    I see. The certifications may then get you some extra oomph quickly, but as @mr_norris said, they are pretty technical, and likely will only help if you are doing mostly hands on work all day long. A good software engineer with a BSc (pref Hons too), with that amount of experience would...