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  1. DTBA

    Why can't I resolve this ip?

    For some reason at night I can resolve this ip ? on cellc? it works 100% during the day or any other network
  2. DTBA

    Cellc LTE users

    Do you guys mind pinging for about 10 min's on cellc LTE CMD ping -t ctrl+c and paste here. Thank you ( Reason why is I am getting spikes on the internal network just want to make sure its my tower)
  3. DTBA

    Dishwasher Detergent Tablets

    Guys/Woman I need some suggestions. I used bingo tablets as they were under R2 per tablet. But they are no longer being made :( Any other suggestions?
  4. DTBA

    How legit are they? Need to order something from them and they are the only poeple that is stocking the item.
  5. DTBA

    Huawei Y6,Xiaomi Redmi 6 ,Nokia 3.1 LTE

    Little help? Need a new phone. Nothing fancy just needs to the normal stuff and when I drop it I must not feel bad about it. So far its between: Huawei Y6 Xiaomi Redmi 6a (16GB Nokia 3.1 They are all about the same price range on takealot.
  6. DTBA

    Google fi(roaming charges etc) Just wanted to post this here, Its really interesting that after certain amount you can go over your bill. Also roaming to 200+ countries included South Africa does not cost more. Same price everywhere. I Know we are not even close to offering stuff like...
  7. DTBA

    Cost of buying elecitrcity directly from eskom

    So I always see on the bill what they charge us @ /kWh But I was like lets take the total bill and work out what it cost me per /kWh because they add other stuff so in the in its Energy Charge @ R0.9483 /kWh Ancillary service charge @ R0.0037 /kWh Network Demand Charge @ R0.2369 /kWh...
  8. DTBA

    Stupid Question about vat/tax

    I always wanted to ask this, a short answer is all I need. If I buy a business with my hard earn money for lets say R100k. I keep this business running over the next 2 years then I A) sell it for the same price or B sell it for R150K. Does one pay anything on that R100k or R150k that you get...
  9. DTBA

    I was bored last night as we had no power. Started to check what other people are provide LTE around in our area and came across this They seem to have everything but how legit are they? According to hallopieter and some facebook comments they either never...
  10. DTBA

    Price of meat

    Just checking, are you guys seeing any price drop in meat that you buy? We are getting about R10-R20/pkg less for lamb. Wondering if this is ever is passed on to the end product user?
  11. DTBA

    Weird Laptop win 10 Issue

    I don't have the laptop on me, my sister sent me a video of it. What it looks like is kinda like windows 10 refreshing startup over and over? She is in class atm. I will get more info on it later and update here, she restarted the laptop but it still does the same
  12. DTBA

    Head's up on the Canon Ink tank printers

    So my G3400 is about 3 years old. I have only refilled the black tank once and the color 0 times. It now gives me a error the waste ink pads are full and needs to be replace and the counter needs to be reset. Canon are the only people able to reset it. It will cost me around R800 to do it...
  13. DTBA issues?

    Can't send any mails this morning :( anybody else? Send test e-mail message: The server responded: 421 Cannot connect to SMT
  14. DTBA

    Sim to old to use for LTE?

    I have a old Cellc sim, its working fine on 3g but does not want to register on LTE. Could it be that its to old and I have to swim swap? @Cell_C :tested the device with other cellc simcard they work fine on LTE
  15. DTBA

    B618 or B315 Router/modem for LTE

    I have LTE signal and would like to start using it. I am looking at theses two routers/ modems, I am kinda leaning towards the B315. It comes with 2 little antennas and is way cheaper. Any reason for me not to go with one of them...