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  1. Park@82

    Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

    As is customary and in honor of the late Mr faniebraai who loved all things tech. Lets get the ball rolling on the soon (March 2019 ?) to be announced Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. Some rumors are: 40 megapixels, triple cameras with 5x optical zoom on the P30 and quad-cameras with 10x optical...
  2. Park@82

    Suzuki Baleno VS Honda Ballade

    Petrol heads: I need some advice please. I am currently looking at the Suzuki Baleno 1.4 GLX Auto and the Honda Ballade 1.5 Elegance CVT. I still need to do a comprehensive comparison. Which one would you choose & why?
  3. Park@82

    Smartphones with great battery life.

    I recently saw this article about the Mate 20 Pro's amazing battery life. On my next upgrade this will be something I will pay more attention to. I am a heavy user and I find myself having to charge all the time. I currently have an S8 and it was even worse on my previous LG G4. Wireless...
  4. Park@82

    Huawei SoundStone Portable Bluetooth Speaker - a mini review

    Huawei South Africa recently gifted the Huawei SoundStone speaker to me. This is my mini review. When they handed it to me, I grinningly said: “You should know that I currently have four Bluetooth speakers, so I'll have a good point of reference for a review” at which they chuckled nervously :p...
  5. Park@82

    External 3.5" USB floppy/stiffy drive

    External 3.5" USB floppy/stiffy drive [Sale] Not sure if there is any market for these :D but some might still have some disks lying around so here goes: Item name (be very descriptive): SmartDisk 3.5" USB Floppy/Stiffy drive. Color Kit Edition. Age: Not sure. Condition: Like New. Some are...
  6. Park@82

    Gauteng hail watch thread.

    In November 2013 my car was hit & damaged with big hailstones on my way home. I'm trying to be proactive this time around. Seen or heard of hail somewhere in Gauteng? Please warn others here.
  7. Park@82

    Telkom Mobile billing mess - beware

    So I upgraded 2 x Smartplan 100 contracts that included 5GB free data pm to Smartplan 100 packages that only included 1GB of free data pm. I received an invoice indicating that they kept the 5GB data bundle on both contracts and billed me for it R1200+. I phoned them on 3 September and was...
  8. Park@82

    Wireless 300N 3G Router

    Intellinet Wireless 300N 3G Router Looking for a cheap wireless N 3G router. Anybody care to share their experiences with these routers? They certainly look good price-wise. Edit: I forgot to put Intellinet the title. Corrected it now...
  9. Park@82

    New "Find all posts"/ "View forum posts" sucks!

    Noticed that since yesterday the "Find all posts"/ "View forum posts" had a different view/look now. I often use this function to keep track of threads I've posted in and to see if anyone replied after me... (it doesn't show the last poster anymore...) Is it just me or does the new look suck?
  10. Park@82

    Garage card advice.

    I need to get a garage card, I am currently with ABSA. As far as I understand it, I can get it linked to my cheque account or to my credit card account or I can get a separate account for it. But I am not sure what would be the best option and what the interest implications would be. I am unsure...