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  1. Huawei

    Thank you

    Thank you to all our loyal customers for being understanding and showing your unconditional support over the past week since the Android news. [emoji173] Huawei will continue to provide security updates and services for all existing smartphones and tablets. We will continue to work on developing...
  2. Huawei

    P30 lite unboxing

    Below is a link to an unboxing video that was done by one of our own forum members. Should you be interested in unboxing any of our products, just pm @Huawei rep. Enjoy the unboxing video!
  3. Huawei

    P30 Series Local Launch

    The local P30 Series launch can be watched on the link below
  4. Huawei

    Huawei mate x experience

    Johannesburg and Capetown! We are excited to invite to you to come and experienceour latest innovation the Huawei Mate X . Our team will take your through our latest announcement from MWC. Please do let me know by PM if you are willing to attend and if you have any specific questions...
  5. Huawei

    Happy holidays

    Wishing you all happy holidays and merry Christmas to those who celebrate it From Huawei
  6. Huawei

    A Higher Intelligence Is Coming

    Below is a link to our much anticipated product launch...
  7. Huawei

    P10/P10 Plus FAQ

    1. How does P10/P10 Plus battery compare to the P9 and P9 Plus? P10 and P10 Plus features probably the largest battery in such a slim body, 3200mAh and 3750mAh(respectively) in just under 6.98mm slim form factor. Considering the more powerful processor and camera setup, P10 still sees a 10%...
  8. Huawei

    Intelligence Is Coming

    The first "Intelligent Phone" will officially launch in South Africa on 6 November 2017. The launch event will be live streamed on our youtube channel. Stay tuned to this thread for more details and join us in welcoming the Mate 10 Series to South Africa. #Huaweimate10 #Intelligenceiscoming...