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    Request for information from SMMEs in the ICT sector

    The Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has gazetted a notice requesting information on ICT SMMEs for the purpose of developing and promoting SMMEs in the ICT sector. Responses must be submitted by 29 August 2014 to: The Director-General, Department of Telecommunications and...
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    Communications for people with disabilities

    ICASA has published draft regulations which try to set out the kind of services and applications which broadcasters and telecoms companies are obliged to provide to people with disabilities. there may be some folks who...
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    Net neutrality: mybb submission required

    ICASA has launched an inquiry into competition in the ICT sector. While the whole thing should be of interest to SA consumers of telecommunication and broadcasting services, it would be particularly useful for there to be a consumer voice around the issue of net neutrality in South Africa...
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    National Integrated ICT Policy Green Paper Jan 2014

    National Integrated ICT Policy Green Paper Jan 2014 This is the next step in the ICT Policy Review Process leading towards a new communications act around 2015. It is basically a discussion document which sets out some context and then poses specific questions for folks to answer. Comments...
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    Guide to commonly-used licence-exempt frequency bands in South Africa

    Guide to commonly-used licence-exempt frequency bands in South Africa Covers licence-exempt bands commonly used for wireless access and PtP services - applicable standards, transmission power limits Unfortunately it is hard to be definitive.... //will sticky this if requested x 3
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    Cost to Communicate hearings in Gauteng 22-26 July 2013

    from the "it would be nice if they gave a decent notice period" department...the below was sent out yesterday. Note - if you want to participate then you need to put in a written submission by Thursday - the hearings are targeting SMMEs, academia and NGOs - further hearings are scheduled for...
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    ICASA Amendment Bill 2013

    The Department of Communications has introduced the ICASA Amendment Bill 2013 into Parliament. According to the explanatory memorandum accompanying the Bill the amendments are “underpinned by the need for some institutional improvements to— strengthen the Independent Communications Authority...
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    Electronic Communications Amendment Bill 2013

    The Department of Communications has introduced the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill 2013 into Parliament. This is much watered down from the previous version released by the Department for public comment last year. If anyone is interested.... Overview of the Electronic...
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    ICASA reminder to licensees on submission of financial statements for 2012-2013

    ICASA has published a notice in the Government Gazette reminding all holders of service licences (i.e. ECS, ECNS. BS not spectrum) issued under the Electronic Communications Act that they are required to submit audited annual financial statements or financial statements signed by their...
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    Proposed ICT Policy Review Framing Paper (for comment)

    The Minister of Communications* has released for public comment an ICT Policy Review Framing Paper which is intended to set the objectives and principles that should inform any communications sector related policy and legislative framework. Fourteen principles / objectives are proposed based...
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    Outline for the DoC's review of ICT Policy

    It is easy to get a bit confused about what exactly is happening with SA electronic communications policy, so the Department of Communications has published an outline of the ICT Policy Review Process to help all you forumites out....(or not) Outline of the ICT Policy Review Process April...
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    List of holders of class communications service licences as at end March 2013

    just fyi -
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    New Broadband Policy for SA - comments by 15 May 2013

    The Department of Communications has published a draft of a new broadband policy for South Africa. Details at Vision: To ensure universal access to reliable, affordable and secure broadband infrastructure and services by 2020 and...
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    *WIN Samsung Galaxy S3 mini* Get involved! Mobile Broadband Quality of Service Study

    Please can all members who qualify participate in this study - we desperately need to create data sets which set accurate and independent performance benchmarks for mobile service delivery. It would be great to really showcase the power of the forum for something like this. Am I eligible for...
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    Primer: Electronic communications licensing and regulation in SA 2013

    As good a place as any to start when you are trying to figure out where to start... Overview of electronic communications regulation in South Africa (updated January 2013) Covers: Legislative Framework in South Africa Role-players Policy environment Electronic Communications...
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    IPTV & VoD SA licensing requirements

    have seen a few threads about proposed IPTV services so below is a summary of the current licensing / regulatory position as set out by ICASA in its Position Paper in relation to Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Video on Demand (VOD) Services . Summary IPTV services which fall...
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    Electronic Communications and Transactions Amendment Bill 2012

    The Minister of Communications has published a bill setting out extensive amendments to be made to the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002 ("the ECT Act"). The ECT Act is the first real piece of "digital-era" legislation in SA and it covers things like - establishing that...
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    Draft Frequency Migration Plan

    ICASA has published a draft plan setting out how it intends migrate spectrum licensees on an in-band and out-of-band basis as well as the steps to be taken and considerations taking into account in doing this. You can get the background from...
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    Submission on Electronic Communications Amendment Bill

    Electronic Communications Amendment Bill 2012 Deadline for submissions: 14 September 2012 Internal deadline for contributions: 20h00 Friday 7 September 2012 This is a relatively technical and legalistic document which is not easy to break down into simple, bite-sized chunks. It is also not...
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    Get involved in fighting SPAM - What does it mean to consent?

    Parliament is considering a proposal made by one MP to amend the definition of "consent" as this is currently set out in the Protection of Personal Information Bill. Why should you care? If the proposal goes through we will go backwards to an opt-out system where you will be regarded as...