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    Suzuki owners

    You have clearly never been involved in a business with the people from India. Everything they do is 95%. The other 5% is discarded. That is fine if you buy a shirt made in India, but certainly not if you buy a car. Also - it is not just a Suzuki, It is a Maruti Suzuki
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    Suzuki owners

    Some of us have higher standards than others. Personally I would not touch a Suzuki Swift (or any other car made in India) with a barge pole. I would certainly not allow my family members to take a ride in one. But that is just me. If your expectations of a car are low, you may like a Suzuki...
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    Surtie Inheritance scam?

    Mr Landman, you protest too much. This scheme has all the properties of a scam. 1. Give me money so I can use it to get the inheritance 2. A little more - we are almost there 3. Just a little more, I will give back a lot of money. Sounds like a typical Nigerian scam and anyone who falls for...
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    Racist WhatsApp is fake: Lindsay Saker VW pursues criminal charge

    Lesufi is a snake. Any intelligent person can see that the message is fake. I mean, who talks that way? It is in any case not the way the k-word is spelled by those normally accused of being racist.
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    Two Tvs and one decoder

    You need to tune the TV to the channel on the RF out. If your TV has autotune, just activate that and it will find the channel.
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    2019 flu

    Once every 20 minutes until you feel better?
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    Madonsela wants Zille to ‘withdraw and apologise’ for ‘black privilege’ tweet

    Actually I meant that the first comment appeared to go over your head/you did not see the sarcasm/you misunderstood the comment
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    Madonsela wants Zille to ‘withdraw and apologise’ for ‘black privilege’ tweet

    That seemed a little bit higher than you could reach...
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    Madonsela wants Zille to ‘withdraw and apologise’ for ‘black privilege’ tweet

    I wonder what that technology was: the wheel or perhaps the art of weaving cloth or maybe simple tools?
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    Verwoerd's grandson will have a seat in Parliament

    I did not say Verwoerd should be excused. I said one must take into account the context of his decisions. I do not know any people who think it is okay to dishonest. We must be moving in different social circles. However, it is my opinion that while cunning, Zuma is a very backward person who...
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    Verwoerd's grandson will have a seat in Parliament

    Yes as long as you do not confuse the concept of apartheid with the consequences of the ANC's armed struggle which led to bombs killing civilians in the street, revenge killings and unrest in the townships and faction fighting between the ANC and the IFP. This obviously led to retaliation by the...
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    Verwoerd's grandson will have a seat in Parliament

    When judging Verwoerd's actions, one must look at it in the context of the time those actions were taken. It is very simplistic to just say he should have known better. Fact is that at the time, racial discrimination was the norm throughout the world. In the US they had segregation and Indian...
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    I Know Someone Heavily and Consistently Evading Tax

    Do you include the 16 million people who sit at home and collect grants paid by honest taxpayers in the group that rides off the rest of us?
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    Verwoerd's grandson will have a seat in Parliament

    Actually you are wrong. The NNP and the ANC merged. This led to the then leader of the NNP, Martinus (Kortbroek) van Schalkwyk being given a cabinet post which he occupied for several years. That is even scarier if you use LazyLion's reasoning.
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    Verwoerd's grandson will have a seat in Parliament

    I see there is a certain group of people who constantly spell Verwoerd's name wrong. Verwoed means unreasonably angry while Verwoerd is the surname.
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    Political phone calls are annoying, invasive and don’t work: study

    I can handle the DA's robocalls but I hate the ANC's please call me's
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    Advice on SUV choice

    It is not about the price of diesel, its about the fact that you use so much less of it. My medium sized diesel SUV uses less than 5 l/100km on the open road provided I stay within the speed limit and less than 6 l/100 km in combined highway and city driving.
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    Share the land or risk losing it all, Malema warns white South Africans

    Mein Kampf talks of lebensraum - living space
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    Advice on SUV choice

    With the fuel price on its way to R18 a liter, petrol driven cars may soon become too expensive to operate. In any case, apart from being more economical, diesel vehicles are more responsive and much more fun to drive.