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  1. R4ziel

    Tracking a cat that likes roaming

    Hey guys I have a bit of a problem with my kitty, he seems to go roaming about every month, and its always an issue to get him back as we go looking for him and find him at random peoples houses. Although this is not an issue to eventually find him at someones house, it causes quite a bit of...
  2. R4ziel

    Outdoor Shooting Range Pretoria

    Hey guys So the fiance and I are looking to do some shooting at a shooting range, but looking around I mainly find indoor ranges, are there any decent outdoor ranges near PTA which has competent staff and trainers for total newbies? I am not too keen on the indoor ranges, but if that is the...
  3. R4ziel

    [W] Guitar hero # Drum set and guitar (XBox 360)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a Guitar Hero 3 Drum set and guitar if anyone has any available. I am not sure what they go for these days, but contact me and we can talk about price. I am in PTA, but willing to pay for shipping if it comes from far Thanks guys
  4. R4ziel

    Decent quality T-Shirts for cheap(ish)

    Hey guys So I wear a lot of T-Shirts and they do tend to last quite a while, although I now have to replace plenty of them. I tried looking around but all of the T-Shirts were like R250 or there about. That is insane for just a shirt. Do any of you have any idea where I can find decent quality...
  5. R4ziel

    Gaming headset recommendations

    Hey guys So I seem to be very hard on gaming peripherals, and because of that I need to replace my gaming headset. I currently have the G633 Artemis spectrum from Logitech. The problem with them is that the flip up mic that mutes has gone a bit loose it seems. When the mic is fully in the down...
  6. R4ziel

    Anyone here playing SCUM?

    I was actually quite against it as it was basically just another DayZ, but it was cheap and I love early access games so I got it. I quite enjoyed session last night, the hardcore is stupid intricate which is awesome. There are obviously a lot of issues, mainly being lag as we don't have local...
  7. R4ziel

    I am canning Spotify after loving it, need a replacement

    Hey guys, so a while a go I got introduced to Spotify through a discussion on the forum and I fell in love with the way it works, using it in my car daily and getting everything set up. I have been adding artists and songs to my library which I never knew and discovered a crap ton new music...