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    NVMe SSD in old PC

    No a HDD is a HDD. Mine was there first. Yes most of them still work. they were replaced because 1GB was not enough.
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    NVMe SSD in old PC

    Then I guess my drive must really be old. Got a few Bigfoots lying around. And a fireball. Those plates are Heavy!
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    10 of the most fattening fast food meals in South Africa

    You guys make it really hard to lose weight... Have been Dieting on maggi 2 minute noodles for the last month and picked up a Few KG's. I blame The pizza and burgers in between.
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    NVMe SSD in old PC

    They don't shatter. It is metal platters. the BLDC motor does not have enough power to ovespin them.
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    NVMe SSD in old PC

    Serously...You need to pulse it at 220V. Already did that. Have a video of it somewhere.
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    NVMe SSD in old PC

    I got a Mushkin 1Tb a while back . It's speed is almost halved by the bord but it was worth the upgrade as the cheapest TB ssd was more than 3X the price.
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    10 of the most fattening fast food meals in South Africa

    Now im hungry. Maybe go visit Pizza hut for a Epic pizza?
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    NVMe SSD in old PC

    I have a 990FX board and its bios was adapted to boot from M.2 via adaptor card. You need Win 10 as Native Win 7 does not support it. there was a way to to alter the drivers and install with modified windows disk.
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    Music you listen to when depressed

    Nothing helps anymore.
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    Faith Muthambi up for justice position

    Kill IT. Kill it DEAD!
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    How China has beat the US in the battle for rare earths

    We are one of the worlds richest Silicon countries and we do diddly about it. No solar production, No electronics not even any noteworthy refining. We have possibilities, But just too stupid to act on it.
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    Video game written by George R.R. Martin announced

    This guy has one of the largest writer's blocks in the History of Scripture.
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    What are you doing this weekend?

    You need help with that?
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    What insect is this?

    I don't understand you people, if you see something walking around you want to eat it...
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    Is this Gaming Computer good Value for money?

    Jip OP has been living under a rock.Go check out AMD price vs speed.
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    Potjiekos - Your favourite?

    Julle mense maak my honger!:crying: