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    iPhone (& other phone) cases are only for poor people

    A consumer psychologist believes those who keep their iPhones naked are merely showing how rich they are. Is that what it is? s the divide between the haves and the wish-they-hads gets ever wider, does this include their technology habits? I only ask because I've been bathing in an analysis...
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    Why's my browser so damn slow?

    Help. (I don't know if this is the right place to post this. If I need to move it, please tell me.) Telkom ADSL speedtest a moment ago Ping: 40 ms Download: 16.77 mbps Upload: 0.83 mbps Browser: Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (32-bit) Up to date Operating System - Windows 7...
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    Grahamstown & Fish River Nature Reserve Any information?

    We (wife & I) are are planning to spend some time in both places over the coming holidays. Does anyone have any information on them? We'll have about 3 nights in Grahamstown and a week at the Mvubu Chalets in the Great Fish River NR. I'm curious to hear from people who know these places...
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    Freelancer to look after my PHP website

    PHP back end I had a very good freelancer who rewrote the back end and maintained the website for about 18 months. Unfortunately he disappeared some time ago. I suspect that sadly he must have got caught up in some troubles in his home country. The website works well but over time small...
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    Trump’s Vile Ploy on South Africa - Editorial Board of The New York Times

    By The Editorial Board of The New York Times The editorial board represents the opinions of the board, its editor and the publisher. It is separate from the newsroom and the Op-Ed section. The president, who gets his intelligence briefings from Fox News, repeats a white nationalist myth about...
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    Ford Meteor 1.6GL 1989 62,000 kms: What's it worth?

    The car is in excellent condition. Always been garaged. Whenever I drive it, people ask me to sell it to them. Because they think that can get it for next to nothing, given the age. Well, it is worth next to nothing? How much can I sell it for? I inherited it from my mother and have been...
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    Docking Station for Lenovo Thinkpad? Or cables?

    I am planning to move from my older Dell Desktop computer to my new Lenovo Notepad as my day to day computer. I plan to buy a new Dell 23" monitor, keyboard and Mouse with which I will then plug into the Thinkpad. Good idea? I thought I would be doing this by way of cables. Now I have...
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    Blanket 301 redirect vs page by page? What should I do?

    I have a new website with a new domain name that is soon to go live. I have lots of inbound links to my current website that bring me lots of business. I don't want to lose them, of course. I want to do what is best for the business, not what is the easiest or cheapest. I have no real knowledge...
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    Looking for Professional Website Promo Guy!

    I have a well established website selling worldwide with 90% to the US market. I am looking for a well managed, marketing strategy put together and run by an expereinced professional. I have lots of links to the site from many forums, websites and blogs. Anyone out there in this...
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    Forwarding Private Emails I recently had an email of mine forwarded onto 2 other people. if I had wanted to send it to them I would have done it myself. The person, incorrectly as he had not read the email properly, thought it was not relevant to...
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    A Portrait of Change
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    How did T-bone get his nickname?

    I have only seen him called that on this forum... Suits him though. Just when you think he cannot disappoint you any more, he does.