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    Courier Insurance for selling 2nd hand goods?

    Howdy kind folk. I have a lovely gift shop which sells, amongst other items, a lot of vintage and antique items- crystalware, bone-china, paintings, art-glass etc. I have been planning to add the next dimension to sales (to try to keep abreast of absurd mall lease payments) by selling online as...
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    Speedpoint, POS etc for small retail business

    Hey all, I have recently purchased a longstanding and small, pretty successful retail shop (gifts etc) and I will be taking over in about 2 months. I do not have a lot of experience in setup and managing of speedpoint, POS systems. The existing ol chap does have a standalone speedpoint and...
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    Modern Food Fussiness

    Hi all, I've been thinking a lot lately about the ridiculous criticism and fussiness that the general public worldwide (incl SA and esp incl the middle and upper middle class spectrum) has about food and drinks in general. In the past we were happy with Ricoffy and Ouma rusks and with a tjop...
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    Harrismith water crisis

    Hey guys, I don't live in Harrismith, but I have family there. The situation is worsening all the time. Electricity, roads, water etc. This post relates to water. I know how annoying it can be to have a water cut for a day. 2 is extra annoying. Harrismith had water cut (not at all due to...
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    Pool Chemicals in Pool or in Weir directly?

    Hi all you folk. I have been managing my swimming pool for quite a while and I reckon that I have my techniques pretty well sorted. I don't use algaecide, flocc, etc. Just granular chlorine and bicarb (to raise TA and pH). I use an HTH floater every now and then instead of granular chlorine...