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    2019/2020 Transfers and Rumours

    Lampard is being lined up for the Chelsea job
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    Insurance for old cars

    so my vehicles got taken out by a a taxi and a drunk driver respectively. i have bought (from car A payout) an old car (83 corolla sprinter AT) to have something to get around in but i will most likely keep it when i get the insurance payout from car B. i can only get third party cover because...
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    Zoom lens for school concert/family events

    so last night we attended a creche concert. they requested no walking around for pics, etc. because of disturbances to other people. which is kewl. i was quite near the front but the kit lens was obviously crap. so i was hoping to get suggestions for a decent zoom lens that i can save for. lets...
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    Place to park my portfolio

    Just been reviewing my charges on standard share trading and I cant justify it anymore. im not an active trader so its just sitting there incurring charges. my April statement details the monthly fee of R80 and then a broker trustee fee > R50. April didn't have the extra charge but im not in a...
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    Garage door motor repairer in n/suburbs in cpt

    Hello. my garage door motor is faulty and im getting really irritated with the installer who greedily took the money to install but cant seem to find the time to repair his effing faulty installation. if you have a reliable guy in cape town please let me know. I mentioned northern suburbs...
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    E36 petrol pump replacement

    so my car stalled last week. got towed home. towed the car to a workshop a couple of days ago. the car was swinging strongly but doesn't turn over. so they needed to do initial fault finding and diagnostics @ R1.5k. to replace the petrol pump and a new fuel filter will cost an additional...
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    [Wanted] Apple TV

    Item: Apple TV Price: PM your offer Location: Cape Town Warranty: If it has it then great. Otherwise, not a train smash. Shipping: I have nothing against it but it usually just drives up the price.
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    Telkom Bellville North 3 Exchange

    Hi got connected to this exchange on Wednesday. getting just over half my linespeed. supposed to get a whopping 4MB. anyone on this exchange currently? what is your experience like? also, what speed are you on? a call has been logged.
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    laptop not detecting SSD in vantec dock

    so I bought a Samsung evo 120gb ssd from a bloke. I need to clone it before I do the swop out of the hdd but the laptop doesn't detect it. it gives the 'unrecognized usb device error'. its not the dock since I popped in a harddrive to backup some data. when I put in the ssd I hear the pop the...
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    videos to ipad

    im stuck in bed till sunday. im wanting to stream media from the server to the ipad. if you have done it please explain. ive done it via my android TAB but havent looked at the ipad yet. server is running OpenElec Gotham i think
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    Please help decipher this loop length...

    I enquired about vdsl and got the following reply: im assuming the loop is from the exchange to me and then back again. how close do I need to be for 20mps? does everybody have line of sight of their exchanges for 20mbps? and the Telkom checker says im stuck on 4mbps but could I then get...
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    Whats the DA doing in Knysna?

    I wasn't aware of this. Don't think I have seen it on the forum before. It appears that the DA is not immune to this kind of thing. To think that one of their their taglines was 'AUSTERITY'.
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    keep e36 or buy i10?

    so with the rising petrol price I need to make a decision around keep or buying. I love driving the e36 but the petrol is costing me about R1600 monthly. I throw in R400 and get about 300 kilometers per week. only expenses has been occasional service, brakes and 2 tyres since I bought it about 4...
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    E36 Intermittent Idicators

    this problem is driving me insane. this needs to be fixed. changed fuses and swapped the flash relay but no dice. if anyone in cape town, preferably northern suburbs can recommend a good auto-electrician id appreciate it. got good service from a shop in paarden island a while back so ill go...
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    2nd hand mercedes with motorplan

    hiya! came across a 2nd hand merc with an active motorplan for 60k more kilometers which expires in 2 years time. guy wants about +-160k. now im attracted by the 2 year trouble free motoring and i should be able to sell it before the motorplan expires. good idea or am i looking for trouble...
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    Why does my insurer need to know about my credit agreements?

    im being migrated to another product and throughout the form they want to know about my bond and credit agreements. not only a yes and no, but the name of the creditor and the number of the agreement. is this normal practise or are they collecting data to sell on?
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    ZA plastation store EA passcodes not free

    ZA playstation store EA passcodes not free since EA abolished the online pass code in May all pass codes is supposed to be free. does anone know why the bf3 one isnt free on the ZA playstation store?
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    openelec + xbmc + sickbeard + sabnzb sent data

    i posted in the microserver thread but hoping to throw the net wider. heres the problem: so my box is running 24/7. xbmc + sickbeard + sabnzb on openlec. i have over a GB of sent data for about 95hrs of internet. to who is this data going and what program is sending it? its bloody puzzling...
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    Why doesnt the IOS homescreen not go landscape mode

    when im reading my emails or surfing in landscape mode and go to the main menu screen why doesnt the homescreen's orientation change as well. its bloody frustrating. dear apple the technology exists, use it FFS. using iphone btw
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    How do i know telkom has activated my ADSL line?

    so i called yesterday and the operator said i will get an sms confirming my order. i didnt receive anything. how will i know my line has been activated? think she mentioned 72hrs for activation but i dont want to keep checking it. that will make me engry!