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  1. Icemanbrfc

    Iphone 6, 6s, 7 and 8

    Item wanted: iPhone 7 or iPhone Packaging : would be cool Condition: Good, but also wiling to buy with cracked screens. Location: Cape Town Price: Between R500 and R4000 depending on condition. Shipping : Yes Collection: Yes
  2. Icemanbrfc

    Apple engineer explains $999 Mac Pro stand

  3. Icemanbrfc

    Apple 2019 Keynote

    Why is the Keynote broken up into individual articles on MyBB? Unless I missed the article on the entire event lol Below summary of the event.
  4. Icemanbrfc

    IPhone SE

    Item: iPhone SE 32GB Packaging: Yes Warranty: None Location: Cape Town Shipping: Your risk and cost Collection: Yes Price: 2k
  5. Icemanbrfc

    Huawei P Smart Dual Sim

    Item: Huawei P Smart 2017/18 model Dual Sim Packaging: Yes Condition: Crack on the screen, and a bit of a piece off the bottom left but otherwise it works Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yes your risk and cost Collection: Yes Price: R1200
  6. Icemanbrfc

    Samsung A6 Plus (Screen Cracked)

    Item: Samsung A6 + Age: Not sure, probably a year and a bit Price: R1300 Warranty: might still have, but got from a friend so no idea Packaging: Yes comes with its box Condition: Screen is cracked but works Location:Cape Town Reason: No need for it Shipping: Yes, your risk and cost Collection...
  7. Icemanbrfc

    Fifa Under 20 World Cup

    Always a good watch this, to see the next generation of talent coming through South Africa under 20 (also known as Amajita) play later tonight against Argentina in their group at 8:30 Portugal won their opener against South Korea 3-1 Interesting to note that the below countries are not at...
  8. Icemanbrfc

    LA's Finest

    Nobody watching? I enjoyed the first 3 episodes. Some cool references to the Bad Boys movies
  9. Icemanbrfc

    Sony 10 and 10 Plus

    I have both these units to test. But purely testing in full the 10 Plus. I have to say, for a 21:9 aspect ratio, it's a fantastic device, and very comfortable to hold in the hand. It's a big phone, 6.5 inches, but because of the aspect ratio, it doesn't feel that big. The display while not the...
  10. Icemanbrfc

    Amazfit BIP Smart Watch

    Item: Amazfit BIP smartwatch Packaging : Yes Conditon : Good Location :Cape Town Shipping :Yes Collection :Yes Price : R900
  11. Icemanbrfc

    Samsung S5 plus Amazfit BIP

    Items: Samsung S5 and an Amazfit BIP smart watch Packaging: Samsung S5 only, watch comes with charger and Box Condition: both good condition. S5 might need a battery replacement. There is also a scratch/Line on the S5 screen. See pics below. Warranty: None Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yes...
  12. Icemanbrfc

    Samsung S7 Edge

    Item: Samsung S7 Edge 32GB Age: 3 years i think Price: R2700 Warranty: None Packaging: Yes Condition: Very good Location: Cape Town Reason: Moved to P30 Pro Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes
  13. Icemanbrfc

    Huawei P9 Lite Dual Sim Plus Amazfit BIP

    Items: Huawei P9 Lite Black dual sim plus an Amazfit BIP smart watch Condition: both good.. P9 lite some wear and tear, but otherwise good.. Amazfit is in good conditon, with one small scratch. Hardly noticeable much Packaging: Phone no, Smart watch comes with box and charger Warranty: None Age...
  14. Icemanbrfc

    Huawei Nova (Dual Sim)

    Item: Huawei Nova Gold 32GB Dual sim Packaging: charger and phone only Condition : Good, But a few bumps here and there Age: about 2 and a half years Location : Cape Town Shipping : Yes Collection : yes Price: R2000
  15. Icemanbrfc

    LG Watch Style (Sold)

    Item: LG Watch Style Condition: Good condition Packaging: Yes plus charger Warranty: None Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Price: R1100
  16. Icemanbrfc

    Samsung Tab 3

    Item: Samsung Tab 3 White 32GB (10 Inch) Condition: Immaculate Packaging: None,Tablet only Warranty: None Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Price: R2000
  17. Icemanbrfc

    Huawei P8

    Item:Huawei P8 (Phone Only) Not the Lite, normal P8 Packaging: Phone only Warranty: Nope Condition: Very Good Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yes at your risk and cost Collection: Yes Reason: Bought on Carb a few weeks ago, but got another device, so wont be using this Price: R1600
  18. Icemanbrfc

    LG G6 (Feeler)

    Item: LG G6 Titanium Silver (Feeler) Packaging: Yes box and charging cable Warranty: Nope Condition: Very Good Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yes at your risk and cost Collection: Yes Price: R2900
  19. Icemanbrfc

    Cheap Phone Needed

    Item Wanted: A decent phone for around R500 :) I know i can get something like one of those Vodacom stuff, but need something a bit better. So PM me with anything you have laying around Packaging Essential: Would be nice, but not a deal breaker Desired Age: 2-3 years old should be fine...
  20. Icemanbrfc

    Wanted: Fire TV Cube

    Item wanted: Fire TV Cube Packaging: don't really care Condition: working Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yes Collection: yes Ballpark: R1000-R1500