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  1. Suspect99

    SABC Day Zero can happen tomorrow if big companies want their money

    When they default, it will become a bailout
  2. Suspect99

    Frustration as stray cows take over Durban playgrounds

    Lots of Hindus and Tamils in Phoenix. Some don't eat beef
  3. Suspect99

    Pocophone F1/Poco F1 by Xiaomi

    [emoji31] wtf is up with their naming conventions?
  4. Suspect99

    Zindzi Mandela racist tweet

    That's a sure way to not get her dismissed. They can't be seen doing Afriforums bidding now can they
  5. Suspect99

    Things that irritate you - Part 2

    Transnet wasn't bailed out though?
  6. Suspect99

    le Creuset

    My mother has some that are 30 years old. They Still look good. And they'll replace and handles etc that break. But they are ridiculously expensive
  7. Suspect99

    le Creuset

    My mother and grandmother swear by AMC . And they look even more expensive than these. How do they compare?
  8. Suspect99

    Pocophone F1/Poco F1 by Xiaomi

    Hasn't dropped for me yet. I'm still on 10.3.4
  9. Suspect99

    US defends itself after humiliating Thailand at Women's World Cup

    [emoji23] . 10 isn't that much? What kak. "The record for the biggest win is Manchester United's 9–0 victory against Ipswich Town at Old Trafford on 4 March 1995. Tottenham Hotspur are the only other club to have scored nine goals in aPremier League game - in their 9–1 victory over Wigan...
  10. Suspect99

    Women shine on the small screen

    Kristen Kreuk. Still gorgeous as ever:love:
  11. Suspect99

    O/T: Readings and Dreams

  12. Suspect99

    where does Ster Kinekor buy its pop corn spice?

    Lol you fell for the propaganda
  13. Suspect99

    WATCH | Bloemfontein biker fighting for his life after red robot crash

    Yeah but if the truck driver didn't see a giant red traffic light he wasn't going to notice the bike brake light, working or not
  14. Suspect99

    Article: Sangoma sick note valid: court

    Sigh article is from 2012 . Why post it in NCA @Excalibur ?
  15. Suspect99


    I thought that was the point of his thread