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    Lost sim

    Hi, unfortunately, I lost my rain SIM. What is the procedure i must follow? I logged a call, it was only yesterday but it feels like its taking too long. surely i am not the first person to lost a sim? Should i just cancel it on the portal and order a new one?
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    YI 4K Action Camera + Accessories

    - YI 4K Action Camera - 64gb microSD card - 2 Batteries - External charger - Touch, Waterproof case - Bike mount - Skateboard mount - Helmet mount - + more (see pic) Age and condition: 2 years, good condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling:Got a gopro Price:R2500...
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    Drone repair -Johannesburg

    Hi, I have a Xiaomi Mi 4K drone, during one of my flights the camera fall and broke. I am basically looking for a company that will have a look and fix if they can. Every company i emailed said they only repair DJI drones. no one will even give it a try! This is a you tube video on how to...
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    External hard drive not providing enough power

    Hi, i got a 2.5, USB 3 external drive for a friend however when she plugs it to her android box, its not working. Also plugged my box its not working, but plugged to a computer it's working fine. I would imagine it needs additional power. Can i use a powered USB hub for this? any recommendations?
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    Broken drone camera

    So, I got me on those: during one of my flights, I am not too sure what happened but the camera fell and broke. luckily it landed on the floor and not on someone's head. can someone recommend a good place that will have a look at the camera and try to fix it...
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    Route traffic from my TV to a VPN server

    Hi! so i currently have Netflix with VPN, and i can access all American content, however, i don't have VPN client for the LG tv so Netflix and my android box works with American content and my LG webos is limited. Is there a way i can have a VPN server running on a linux server (i use...
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    Simple monitoring software

    so, i am in the process of implementing nagios, however, for now, i just need something to install on a windows machine XP/2003/2008 that can just alert me if services stop running or if disk is getting full. can event viewer do that?
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    Google team drive

    Hi, I got myself one of those team drives with unlimited storage, but I see my files are owned by So the admin can basically view and delete all my files?
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    Rain-Slow speed

    Hi, my sister is really struggling with slow speeds. 32ms, 1mb download and 0.06 uploads. afrihost support are being useless.... any tips on what she can do /who to contact?
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    Linux file server and AD

    Hi, Does anyone have a good instructions on how to deploy a linux file server , access must controller via windows AD. thanks,Bar1
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    OBD2 scan before buying a used car?

    Hi, i am currently looking to buy a second hand car, will an OBD2 scanner help in detecting issues with the car? where is a good place to get one? any other tips before getting the car?last time i bought a car was 12 years
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    Cover recommendations - IPAD 6th gen 9.7

    Hi, can someone please recommend a cover for me? something not too expensive.... i like this one: does anyone have it? is it compatible with my ipad?
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    Can my calls be redirected to another phone via an app

    I currently walk around with 2 phones, 1 with data and airtime and the other is a number i still get calls on. my dual sim phone is suppose to arrive in a month or so . I been thinking , surely there is an app that can redirect all calls from phone 2 to phone 1? then i can just leave phone 2 at...