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  1. abudabi

    Urgh... my engine died

    My trusty 13 year old z18xer from my opel zafira with 205k on the clock went splutter splutter bang. Apparently cylinder 1 piston decided to mate with the valves. Really loved the car as we could cram so much stuff in there when going away on holiday. Options: Rebuild engine.. estimated 40k Jap...
  2. abudabi

    Why do a lot of fibre ISPs insist on bundling routers with their accounts?

    Do they profit that much off it?
  3. abudabi

    I think I need a chef's knife.

    I've alwasy just had the cheepy sets (you know the ones in the wood block) and they all go blunt. I was googling around and it appears I need a decent chef's knife? For cutting raw meat, soft veggies, fruit etc. Is that correct? I have some yuppiechef vouchers so was looking there at some of...
  4. abudabi

    Retrenchments - Where's the best to get advice ?

    To get info regarding the process that the company must follow as well as what you as the individual needs to do. Rights of staff, what must the company do etc.
  5. abudabi

    Using Vumatel raycore 6 port ONT as a switch

    Are there any issue in doing this? I currently have 2 devices plugged into it with private IPs (as well as the fibre router into port 1) Tx
  6. abudabi

    LTE vs Fixed LTE

    Whats the difference between these 2? I'm guessing fixed normally has a wifi/LTE router connected to a directional antenna that's pointing to a base station whereas for normal you can use a MiFi device? Is that why the ISP's site coverage maps have different footprints for the 2?
  7. abudabi

    Getting a copy of your matric results.

    I've read you can do it online via but I dont see the option? Anyone used it successfully or do I have to go the manual route?
  8. abudabi

    Banting / LCHF diet ingredients - Where to get bulk?

    I'm talking about things like almond flour or seeds or berries or coconut oil etc. I see the places like takealot/dischem/clicks sell them in smallish (300g - 500g) quanitites which I'm guessing is expensive pricing. Are there bulk or wholesalers where these items can be gotten cheaper?
  9. abudabi

    Can you use a mikrotik router

    with a vumatel line or is it ISP dependant?