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  1. Lindiswa

    Zindzi Mandela racist tweet

    msunery is derived from "msunu" which is a xhosa or zulu word that mean anus or arsehole.
  2. Lindiswa

    Jailed FMF activist argues ‘unfair trial’ after magistrate calls black lawyers ‘you people’

    i am not talking about the article..just the term in general. whether its "you people" as in young people or "you people" as in black people its a no from me.
  3. Lindiswa

    'Some of my friends are Indian', says KFC customer accused of racism

    i think the fist i think the first one coo... i am even scared to write it.
  4. Lindiswa

    KNP: 2-year-old mauled to death by leopard in Malelane camp

    i hope they will not put the leopard down.:confused: rest in peace to the kid.
  5. Lindiswa

    Anger, tears as 'gang boss' gunned down after gym session at Umhlanga mall

    kalvin is so popular in the phoenix area in durban. his taxi's had a "young money" logo. his taxi driver's have tattoo's on their necks with "young money":rolleyes: imagine.
  6. Lindiswa

    Arnold Schwarzenegger gets attacked in South Africa [Video]

    something about a Lamborghini :confused:
  7. Lindiswa

    Lion rips off toddler's scalp at Heilbron lion park

    where were the parents? jail them!!
  8. Lindiswa

    Verwoerd's grandson will have a seat in Parliament

    EFF will compare him to his granddad.
  9. Lindiswa

    Mbalula, Hanekom gun for 'crook' Carl Niehaus over 'young chap' tweet

    they were together in the crook place!!:ROFL:
  10. Lindiswa

    Swine fever outbreak prompts pork product warning

    i will eat it!! if i fall sick i am suing them !!