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  1. Snyper564

    Roof insulation recommended installer in Pretoria

    Hey all. So winter is fast approaching and we decided to pull the trigger on getting it done. Has anyone got recommded installers in Pretoria. Also the approximate price per sqm installed. Thanks!
  2. Snyper564

    Changing Led brightness level on IDS X series panel?

    Morning all, got this panel installed yesterday anyone happen to know if you can turn its over achieving level of brightness down?
  3. Snyper564

    Where to buy kalahari truffles

    As the title says. Google seems useless in this case or my searching skills are lacking. Thanks guys don't mind shipping.
  4. Snyper564

    UK - Direct Airside Transit VISA

    Morning all, Posing this here as TLScontact website is well useless. I will be flying from SA -> UK -> France In late July. Using BA (just connecting via UK), I am aware that I need this VISA and need to pay on the UK website etc. I am also aware that I need to do biometrics in SA via...
  5. Snyper564

    France trip: my questions (TRAINS)

    Hey guys so the planning is progressing for the trip in August. It appears that the cheapest flights for France connect through Heathrow via BA. I will literally be jumping off BA and climbing on Iberia on the way to France with Schengen Visa etc. Do I need this thing? Direct Airside Transit...
  6. Snyper564

    Trip to France - currency questions

    We plan on traveling (road trip via car) from the South (Toulouse) to North (Paris) during the course of the two weeks. I have never traveled in France before and was wondering what the best option would be where "money" is concerned. I currently bank with FNB so I can get a Global account and...
  7. Snyper564

    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread - Workout Check-in Thread

    Log your weight etc here: and your workout info in this thread. Let's try stay a little more motivated this year! Let's do this!
  8. Snyper564

    Price Tracker a game changer - (shopping for black friday you need to check this as well)

    Not sure if you guys have seen this website: The US has something similar called camelcamelcamel. It basically tracks website's prices indicating the average/lowest/highest/current prices. This means you will finally know if you are trully getting a bargain...
  9. Snyper564

    Best value for money nursary in Pretoria

    Hi guys need to buy jasmine plants where is the best value for nursary in Pretoria? Saw a plant yesterday R40 for 10cm no thanks!
  10. Snyper564

    Paid palm tree removal - Pretoria

    Good morning all, I have a number of palm trees on my property probably around 7 all 10m plus. I would like to remove some of them and replace them with normal trees. I have heard some places will buy them from you has anyone actually done this in Pretoria or nearby?
  11. Snyper564

    Where to purchase bamboo in Pretoria

    Hey guys, we have decided against going for a creeper against the wall and instead planting bamboo all along the wall. Do you know where you can purchase bamboo? fully grown at 2-3m+ would be perfect. Any ideas? I haven't really seen any at nurseries...
  12. Snyper564

    Best route from Pretoria to Rosendal freestate

    Hey guys a have a wedding on Saturday afternoon in Rosendal. I believe the roads or some of them are not great. Which is the best route to take to get there from Pretoria. We will only be travelling in the day. Leaving early morning from Pretoria. Would appreciate the thoughts. Thanks!
  13. Snyper564

    20 000 Ebucks

    Hi guys, I would like to buy 20 000 Ebucks. If you have available drop me a PM then we can discuss details further there. Also on if you would prefer to complete the sale and count for Itrader Here is the link to my profile