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    MP3 Player replacement needed.

    My (really)old Transcend MP870 is starting to really show it's age, it's been good to me but it seems to be time to replace it, buttons are getting stubborn, it's somehow slowing down etc. Problem is I can't actually FIND something like it except for grey brands on BidOrBuy that people complain...
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    Chassis Fan placement - Side vs Front

    Looking for thoughts on specifically whether there is a difference between "two fans in front" and "a fan in front and a fan or two fans in the side" when it comes to airflow..... is there a actual benefit to one over the other? Trying to make a decision on a new case and almost all I see are...
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    List of prepping/survivalist/civil-protection groups

    For informative sake if nothing else.... is there such a list somewhere? I keep hearing that there is as many as 50-100 or whatever exaggeration but googling only gives "anti-white-genocide" propaganda (half of it utter drivel in both directions but mostly left leaning drivel). A few people...
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    BEE Certificates

    Out of the hundred or so companies that do BEE Certificates, which one's do them the quickest and cleanest and.... reliably without breaking the bank.
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    Incredible Connection 0% interest on Credit

    Saw this in an incredible connection spam email that I was about to unsubscribe from.... Anyone else notice this? What's the catch? The website seems to give no real details.
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    Microsoft Brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7

    Microsoft Brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7 Last ditch "Good Guy Microsoft" marketing scheme?
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    Request for Remission on SARS efiling..... where did it go?

    I used it a few times in the past for clients that had penalties but now..... I cannot find it? Someone know what happened? Tried a normal dispute anyway but cannot add penalties.
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    Boot devices double in BIOS

    This is a clevo w150hnm/w170hn from Mecer. Have to replace the HDD with a larger one, 1TB Firecuda. However not only does the machine not pick it up but all devices show double Have already tried set to defaults and battery reset. Anyone ever seen this?
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    Google hearing sees 'idiot' trending Imagine being that guy with all the annoyed representatives staring at him with "now explain yourself boy" expressions.....
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    Physically large wireless mice, are there any?

    I need to get a few for someone that is both left handed and has large hands... most common wireless mice are WAY too small and causes cramps.
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    Found this is the "partner content" at the bottom of an article today Seems like half a scam since the actual site is half done and no M$ products appear anywhere on it other than in a...
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    Free Panzer General games

    [Should have made a separate thread from the start instead of hi-jacking a old one but I was not completely awake damn it] Firstly Panzer Central ( is your one stop shop for everything, seriously... EVERYTHING. It all started with Panzer...