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  1. Mila

    SPCA Uitenhage

    They just sink lower. When you think its the bottom they show you they are capable of being even worse.
  2. Mila

    Scholars arrested for bestiality
  3. Mila

    Nikon D7000 kit + extras R13 000

    Only available as a bundle. Sale D7000 ( Battery, Charger , Strap, screen Protector and adobe elements) 18-105 + Kenko UV Filter 55-200 + Jujiyama UV Filter SB 800 Nikon Flash Age and condition: 4 years excelent Do you include packaging: Yes- not all the lenses has boxes. But they do...
  4. Mila

    ThreadKiller VI - Postwhores Anonymous - a Three Step Program :::NSFW:::

    Let the postwhorliness commence :twisted:
  5. Mila

    Alcohol 'more dangerous than crack, heroin and Ecstasy' And when Helen said it people called her an idiot.. She was not so wrong after all was she. ;)
  6. Mila

    The Jub Jub Maarohanye Trial --------------------------------------,_morphine I know why the Idiot went to visit his pal in jail, to make sure he does...