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    What was your first mobile phone?

    Moto V171 for me too, although I got dissatisfied with it within 2 hours, exchanging it for my mom's older V150
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    The information Wi-Fi networks can provide

    There is no problem with a trusted Wi-Fi network, e.g. your own. With the VAST thing, I can understand how a lot of that data is available without using 'intrusive' methods, e.g. they can check when the most users connect, etc. What I want to know is - how do they determine the gender and age...
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    Whatsapp Down Worldwide ..............Sunday 14 April 2019

    I wouldn't be surprised if, despite WhatsApp having more users, Telegram has more connections to their servers than WhatsApp, since it supports third-party apps and bots.
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    What software do I load on a lay's PC?

    Yes, and no. Sometimes I find that when you encourage the average person to use Linux, you're inviting extra work for yourself. Last I checked, Win 10 didn't really support turning off updates (I don't use Windows, so I admit my info might be outdated) ... anyway, i am not sure disabling...
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    Strangest WiFi connection failure

    Misconfigured AP, e.g. has its own DHCP server, which has incorrectly set gateway, perhaps? This part confuses me.
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    Address Book Creation for Church

    potential POPI issues?
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    Process of marrying a Namibian citizen and aquiring Temporary Residence / Spousal Visa

    1, 2 - she needs to get official proof from Namibia that she is not currently married 3. varies... Home Affairs inefficient 4. you also need to be able to prove R8,500 or more monthly salary (via bank statement) in order to take care of her 5. yes, she will need to submit a job offer with the...
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    I need to monitor a work PC covertly!

    mmm, not sure I like that it's only cloud-based.
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    I need to monitor a work PC covertly!

    Incognito mode only means no trail is left in the browser. On the network, everything is still in plain sight (unless their network allows proxies, VPNs, etc.)
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    Telkom D-link Router: Setting up VPN for remote access

    Is the router to be a server, or a client? (asking because you mention host, and also server)
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    Home / Small business RADIUS server for WiFi authentication

    hostapd also has a built-in RADIUS server should you want to use it from hostapd.conf: ##### Integrated EAP server ################################################### # Optionally, hostapd can be configured to use an integrated EAP server # to process EAP authentication locally without need...
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    Linux Smartphone Necuno NC_1 Launched For Privacy And Freedom

    Telegram will obviously work on the Necunos phone as, although it is closed, it is 'friendly' to third party applications. WhatsApp? You have an application for it in your Linux PC? That's amazing! Or you meant browser? Then sure, WhatsApp and the other 'apps' will work on the Necunos phone...
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    Best VPN to use in China

    My friend in China mentioned that the GFW is smart enough to detect even previously unknown VPNs, and blocking them. However, he has had some success using OpenVPN, but built with XOR patches.
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 32/64 Bit Keys x50

    I also purchased two (for my dad and sister, as i use linux myself), and works good. Thanks very much!
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    VOIP on or through Huawei B525 router with Telkom data

    I wouldn't blame Telkom as such. There are multiple variants of this (and other) routers, even though they may all have the same model number. Trying other firmware might work, but there are huge risks since your hardware might actually not support it, and so you could end up with a brick...
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    VOIP on or through Huawei B525 router with Telkom data

    I believe the OP would like to use a 'standard telephone' instead of an IP phone. The B525 has an RJ-11 port for that purpose, and as far as I understand, that's what he wants to use, and have the router setup as a VoIP client, not just router.
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    VOIP on or through Huawei B525 router with Telkom data

    looks like some B525 have VoIP ability, and some don't. Those that don't have will call via your SIM card. So why don't you login to the router and check if it allows you to add a VoIP account? You will, of course, need an active VoIP account with some provider, e.g. Freshphone
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    Fitting an immobiliser

    'who can fit a factory-fitted immobiliser' ... :unsure:
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    Switching to Ubuntu

    What does "slow" mean in this context?