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    Grahamstown has officially been renamed Makhanda Makhanda is in and Grahamstown is out; this is the official word from South Africa’s Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa. It’s taken just over three months for the historical Eastern Cape town to be...
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    Nokia 920, Cell C, and warranty

    Hi Forum/ Cell C rep I would Like to buy the Nokia 920 on contract. Currently only Vodacom (in stock) and MTN (Getting it soon) have it. 1) Is Cell C planning to sell it (get it)? 2) When will Cell C be getting it? (Nokia seem to prefer networks that have LTE installed, there might...
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    8ta towers in Claremont, CT area - Speed tests/log (Auto)

    Does anyone have an 8ta 60GB+60GB package that lives in the Claremont area (Cape Town)? I am looking at buying this package, but am hearing many of you are struggling with download speeds, etc. Would anyone who has this package in the area care to do me a massive favour and use this...