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  1. hawker

    Rain R250 uncapped offer ending 30th June

    I'd be fine with this, if I could get 50GB or 100GB for R250 a month (all times) it would be lekker.
  2. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    KLOPP - I love this man.
  3. hawker

    Football banter thread

  4. hawker

    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

    I track that can fit two cars next to each other.
  5. hawker

    ‘I’m disappointed’: DA’s head of elections Moakes quits ‘toxic’ party

    Eh its more than side that believes race should be a proxy for disadvantage and the side that believes it shouldn't be. There isn't really an "anti-transformation" faction.
  6. hawker

    Need a bakkie for this weekend (Pretty please)

    I think the deposit was around R500 the last time I rented one, but that included the rental fee.
  7. hawker


    I'm in consulting engineering and we are in our 3rd round of "right sizing" in as many years. Luckily we figured out a way to get a lot of work from overseas so our department is ok for now, but we had to do that because the local industry collapsed .
  8. hawker

    Ministers are blowing millions in taxpayer money to get their ‘preferred’ choice of cars

    They get paid enough, they should be driving their own cars.
  9. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    Getting Ox back is like a new signing that boy is phenomenal.
  10. hawker

    Football banter thread

    Turns it maybe it wasn't entirely Jose's fault...
  11. hawker

    Football banter thread

    Don't worry lads, Ole's at the wheel.
  12. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    What a season! So proud. Absolutely phenomenal effort.
  13. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    Last day of the season! Lets go lads!
  14. hawker

    TFSA, or? (Need advice)

    1)There is a process to withdraw money, but withdrawing money robs you of future growth because the 33k limit is pa and 500k in your lifetime. 2)Yearly limit is 33k, you can't add more than that a year, but you can switch to monthly contributions at a later stage.
  15. hawker

    Eskom’s leadership is a bunch of amateurs – Energy expert

    That should be obvious to anyone.
  16. hawker

    Boeing 737 Max black box shows similarities between Lion Air and Ethiopian crashes

    Just bin the 737. Build a modern aeroplane that meets the new safety standards. The 737 has exemption for lot of the new safety things because they've been grandfathered into the type certification.
  17. hawker

    Do you think things in SA would significantly change if the DA came into power?

    Yeah I'll vote for them at Province level but someone else at National level.