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    Our out of control unemployment

    Someone says this every year... yet here we are
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    Mirage? over Pinelands in CT @ 16:12

    Mirage? over Pinelands in CT @ 16:12 I thought this was a CounterStrike reference
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    Afrihost - Seriously.

    Maybe they are going to consolidate all accounts and not actually overwrite everything?
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    What legal defense is used by an armed bystander when killing an armed bank robber?

    If there is an imminent threat to life, for you or a bystander, you may use lethal force. Say if they are behind bullet proof glass, with no one else in the bank, and you are outside, you may not shoot them.
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    Hetzner down?

    Hetzner causing some nice early morning calls
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    Why register the domain at a company outside of SA?
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    What whould you do if you need urgent money

    I assume you have kids? Seeing as R1k is not available
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    Game of Thrones ending - Share your views

    Wanted Cersei to win and all the Starks to be executed 3/10
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    Penetration testing for educational purposes

    oh, and to go with hackthebox, These writeups on decom boxes:
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 2

    I can't play csgo comps :crying:
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    Do you support a default Internet porn block in South Africa?

    Great way to start noPorn attempt #93
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    Penetration testing for educational purposes

    CTF style tasks: Also, subscribe to this guy: Does walk-throughs of decommissioned challenges
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    What game are you playing now ?

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    Durban CBD mess today

    "#OurLandAndJobsNow " Are they implying white people are stealing their jobs?
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    What will 5G really mean for you?

    There's no long road ahead when we all die from cancer
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    The Cannabis Thread

    My mom smoked some Sativa for the first time and freaked out :ROFL:
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    Series / Movie download automation

    All you have to do is: Add your shows there. Then add the generated RSS link to your torrent client.
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    New MyBroadband jackets are here, and they are great

    Oldest forum members will keep receiving one lol Can I buy one?
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    Preferring to be alone

    Are you a NEET by any chance? Being alone the whole time is a dangerous path. There's being alone, then there's being lonely.