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  1. acidrain

    Dismissed employee refused to attend first day of notice period

    Not going to get into the long of it all, but the company recently dismissed a staff member with a 4 weeks notice period. Their first day of notice was today and on request of attendance they informed the company that they will not be coming in because they have been dismissed. They have now...
  2. acidrain

    New dad not able to claim UIF for Paternity Leave

    So just something I found out from one of my staff members who has just become a father. Not surprised actually for our government but useful information for any other new fathers that are asked to claim from UIF from their Employers for paternity leave. So apparently the new amendment to the...
  3. acidrain

    Requesting a manufacturer replace/take back a "lemon" car - Is it a thing?

    Hi guys, Topic might be a bit vague but it's the best way I can describe it. Long story short, got my car about 2.5 years ago straight out the factory and since then, there always seems to be something going wrong with it which shouldn't happen to a car of this age ( in my opinion ). Also to...
  4. acidrain

    Looking for a supplier of Mineral Oil.

    Hi guys, So as the title states, I'm trying to find a local supplier of mineral oil for a submerged cooling project or any other dielectric liquid. Only suppliers I can find that do it in bulk has a MOQ of 4000L which is well way above my requirement. Only looking for about 10-20L of the stuff...
  5. acidrain

    Samsung i560 and GPS?

    Hey guys, just got a question for those who own an i560. Just got mine today and loving it with the small ( but possibly big ) problem, when i open Garmin Mobile XT, it just stays on "Searching for satellites". Anyone thats managed to fix this problem, or find out the cause? Also i noticed...
  6. acidrain

    Torrent tracker needed!

    Hi guys, Im hoping someone here can help me with installing a torrent tracker server on my pc for use on our network. The pc specs are: OS: WinXP Webserver: WampServer currently running a webpage. I have googled and now have run out, or at least can't find trackers. The following trackers i...
  7. acidrain

    Some help with Delphi and MySQL

    Hi guys, Ok, at the moment i have two sql database forms ( frmMember and frmBook ). Now im following in the book on adding these two forms to a new project and the book says i must do the following: Project | Add to project and select the unit ( which in this case is C15e02u ). Now save the...
  8. acidrain

    Thanks BT6LW

    Well guys... this here forumite is one to make a toast to. He was kind enough to guide me through some sticky parts of my assignment on MSN. He even bumped his girl for an hour or 2 just to help me :D Thanks again mate
  9. acidrain

    Lenovo 3000 N200. Good or bad?

    just want to know if anyone has any reviews about this laptop since i might be getting it with my contract upgrade. The model i might be receiving is the one with the T2330 processor and the intel gfx. ( not the model with the geforce go7300 )
  10. acidrain

    Quick help with void function (C++)

    Hi guys, I need some help with a specific section of my code: the question is as follows: This is what i wrote and im sure there is an error with my updateCorrectTotal function since i get 0 and 0 as my output for forwards and backs so hoping you can point me in the right direction...
  11. acidrain

    Box CPU?

    Hi guys, this will be quick, painless and to the point.... What exactly does this mean? Is it with a heatsink or without? Thanks,