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  1. EMAM

    How long can you go on for without no food

    Asking this as I have a friend who has just gone through major trauma. She stopped eating last Saturday - today is day 9 with no food intake whatsoever - only water and chicken soup - 6kg's down in weight. Today her heart is racing - having an anxiety attack maybe or is the body asking for...
  2. EMAM


    Anyone here on urbanol? I've just been put onto it, over and above my other meds, and I feel like a complete zombie. I take 5mg morning and afternoon. How long do these side effects take until your system gets used to them, if ever? My anxiety is dissipating but I feel drunk and I don't want...
  3. EMAM


    Who knows about these beautiful creatures and their habits? I've just driven from Milnerton to Blouberg and back and there are thousands of them flying all over. I've never seen anything like this.........and I'm sorry to all those that are now dead on the front of my car[emoji22][emoji22][emoji22]
  4. EMAM

    Show your hand/s!

    There's nothing sexier than a man with awesome hands. ........let's see them.......[emoji5][emoji28]
  5. EMAM

    **** Cancer

    Ladies and gents..... And all the rest....... Today I am officially in remission, after being given a year to live and being told I would never be in remission. Just thought I'd share my little bit of good news with you all because so many of you have walked this journey with me. I will...