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  1. dualmeister

    ASUS Prime Utopia

    Finally. Not another boring ATX board :D
  2. dualmeister

    Gigabyte Teases World's First PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD With Speeds up to 5000 MB/s

    :oops: Who would have thought that Gigabyte - who don't manufacture controllers, nor memory - would be the first company to tease a PCIe 4.0-based M.2 SSD. In a blog post on its website that serves as a warm-up for the upcoming Computex, the company says that they'll be announcing the world's...
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    Coming to Nextlix in June 2019

    Coming to Netflix in June 2019: These 106 Titles Are Hitting Your Queues Very Soon (USA) See list in link. I enjoyed Season 1 of Instant Hotel :)
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    Man Lived On Nothing But Beer For 46 Days

    Seems like my kind of "diet" :D This 40-year-old American followed a Lenten tradition inspired by 17th century German brewing monks. This is a challenge that we strongly recommend you not to try at home. At the age of 40, Del Hall, sales manager of the American brewery Fifty West Brewing...
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    Pawternity leave coming?

    Say what? :) Constant socio-economic development in South Africa means that our country’s laws have to adapt continuously to keep up with our changing society. One change many are hoping will become official is ‘pawternity’ or furternity leave for employees. This type of leave allows owners...
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    Chinese people keep trying to throw metal coins into airplane engines for good luck

    For the seventh time in the last couple of years, a Chinese person has been arrested for trying to drop a handful of metal coins into an airplane engine, for good luck. On Monday morning a 66-year-old woman surnamed Wang was detained for attempting to throw six metal coins into the engine of a...
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    Charlize Theron Reveals 7-Year-Old Daughter Is Transgender

    Oh Fook. In an interview with the Daily Mail, actress Charlize Theron revealed her adopted daughter is transgender. “Yes, I thought she was a boy, too,” Theron said while talking about her 7-year-old, Jackson. “Until she looked at me when she was three years old and said: ‘I am not a boy!’”...
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    Need to unlock phone, but don't have PIN

    Mate of mine is trying to unlock a Huawei P9 Lite but does not have the PIN. Is there a way to unlock / hack the phone without losing any of the data on the phone? History. His finacee past away recently and he needs to access the phone. Even with a copy of the death certificate Huawei said...
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    Series / Movie download automation

    Am curious about how many users here have all their downloads automated since most are quite tech savvy :) Do you manually grab your shows still or are Sonarr and Radarr your friends? :cool: Also any nzb360 and Pulsarr users?
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    Wine farmers apply for an interdict against Black First Land First over land occupation

    BFLF plans to invade some wine farms next month. Including some of my favourites. Shits gonna get real... A number of farm owners in the Western Cape have banded together to lodge an interdict against Black First Land First (BLF) to prevent it from occupying their land. The political party has...
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    Man spikes coworkers’ drinks with LSD to change their ‘negative energy’

    :D:D A 19-year-old man admitted to spiking his coworkers’ drinks at work — and says he did so because of their “negative energy,” Missouri police said, according to KMOV. In an attempt to “mellow out” the other employees at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Arnold, Missouri, the man told police that he...
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    Researchers confirm there is just one elephant left in the Knysna forest

    Very sad :confused: The last Knysna elephant has a message for people Researchers confirm there is just one elephant left in the forest Only one elephant remains in the Knysna forest and surrounding fynbos: a mature female. There is enormous pathos and tragedy in this finding as she is the...
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    Millennium (novel to movie series)

    Love the three Swedish movies in the trilogy, but did not know this. Worth sharing. Millennium is a series of best-selling and award-winning Swedish crime novels, created by Stieg Larsson. The two primary characters in the saga are Lisbeth Salander, a woman in her twenties with a photographic...
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    Top 40 music magazine

    Hey who remembers it. I had every copy [emoji13]
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    Oldest thing that you own?

    The question came to me while visiting an antiques shop on the weekend. What it the oldest thing that you own? e.g. an heirloom perhaps or something else. Haven't determined mine yet though :cautious:
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    China 'launches an app that tells you if you are within 500 yards of someone in debt

    China 'launches an app that tells you if you are within 500 yards of someone in debt - and encourages you to report them if they seem capable of paying up' Chinese authorities have developed an app to tell people if they are nearby someone in debt. State-run newspaper China Daily reported that...
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    WHO - Ten threats to global health in 2019 (anti-vaxxers included)

    Here it goes :laugh: The world is facing multiple health challenges. These range from outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and diphtheria, increasing reports of drug-resistant pathogens, growing rates of obesity and physical inactivity to the health impacts of environmental...
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    Netflix culture (no limits on vacation time)

    Came across this link after one of their directors mentioned that they do not monitor sick days or the amount of leave that employees take. Makes for some interesting reading. Long page, but some of the highlights include. "Entertainment, like friendship, is a fundamental human need; it...
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    PnP selling citrus specifically for gin

    Will still rather puke than drink Gin, but ... Pick n Pay - one of South Africa’s largest retailers - is selling a combination of citrus specifically paired to use with gins at over 200 of its stores. The R44.99 citrus combination, named “PnP citrus for gin”, has caused a minor commotion on...
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    Fire breaks out at KWV in Paarl

    A massive fire is raging at KWV in Paarl :( Source with video A fire broke out at Paarl’s famous KWV Emporium bottling plant on Tuesday morning. The local fire department is on the scene, trying to control the blaze. A disaster management official told TimesLIVE that details would be...