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    Fiber for estate

    Hi guys, I got a bit of a question. My friend does fiber installs and trenching etc. So we kind of help each other out when need be. I do network installs and use 90% mikrotik equipment to manage my networks at client on site. He is trenching and installing fiber thru out a very big new...
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    Open ports

    Hi Guys, On Rain's uncapped sim for R250 p/m does anyone know if you can open specific ports on the router in order to access services hosted on your pc. I have a machine at my house I need to login to all the time to send invoice to customers etc. I do not want to use something like Teamviewer...
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    Webafrica VOIP not showing ported number

    Hi Guys, So I have this client that recently decided to move to Webafrica. Vuma provided the install for his fiber. Apparently its working really well. At the same time they sold him the idea of porting his 011 number from telkom as well. All good and well after numerous phone calls eventually...
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    Cellc (Afrihost) - Cancellation fee..

    Hi Guys, So I got a cellc 100GB SIM ONLY from Afrihost. I queried whether I have to pay the R999 cancellation fee and they said yes. Does this not only apply if you take the router and SIM? Apparently you cannot cancel withing 6 months of activation?
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    Dial rules for Yeastar S20 PABX

    Hi Guys, Hopefully someone can help me out here. I have a client with a S20 PABX and 7 Extensions all running on Yeahlink T40P Sip phones and using a SIP provider for dialout and analoque lines for there incoming calls. I am having an isseu where they cannot dialout certian numbers like...
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    Office 365 Home & Server essentials 2016

    Good day all, As the topic says, do you know if I would be able to load office 365 Home on a server essentials 2016? It will be mainly for the accountant to remotely logon to the server and perform some excel and word tasks when needed.
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    External Ringer for Yeastar S20

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help me here. I have the following setup at a client of mine 1 x Yeastar S20 PBX 7 x Yealink Texentions configure to all ring at the same time. My problem is. With their previous Samsung Analogue PABX they had a external ringer configured inside the factory...
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    Grandstream UCM6102 outbound problem

    Hi Guys, I have a grandstream UCM6102 installed at one of my customers. Currently it has a telkom line connected to the FXO for incoming and outgoing calls. I have defined a outbound route. I have a yeastar T49 connected to the pbx for the reception console. My problems is when dialing out a...
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    Wireless Internet Parkrand Area

    Hi Guys, a customer of mine is looking for a wireless uncapped service provider in parkrand/boksburg area. Any suggestions? Thanks,
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    Password protect folder on Server enterprise

    Hi guys, I have a NC client that wants me to password protect a spesific folder on server 2008 that is shared amongst her and her boss. I managed to give only her and the boss access to this folder. But they want it protected in such a way that even when logged onto the server with a admin...
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    Sonicwall and RDP Help

    Hi Guys, I have a bit of a situation, my client has a router connecting to his sonicwall and themn from sonicwall to server. So the problem I am facing is diverting a RDP(3389) port to the server so he can connect via a dyndns acc remotely. The setup looks like this Cloud(Public...