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    Afrihost Live Chat Unattended ?

    What use is it if nobody answers? Effing Dead Chat.
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    WANTED: Level One WUA-1610H USB Adapter

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Level One WUA-1610H USB Wireless Adapter Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: Working order including USB cable Location: PMB but happy for Postnet shipping Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Looking to buy 2. Will pay up to R300 each excl...
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    Afrihost Fibre Feedback

    Line is flying down here in PMB on Openserve.
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    Afrihost Fibre Feedback

    No response???
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    Afrihost Fibre Feedback

    Connection drops to less than 1/10th speed in the night. 10Mbps Afrihost fibre via OpenServe in PMB. This has been happening the past few weeks, approx every 3rd day. I get up in the night to start downloads and find the line is running very slowly. Speedtest 0.5Mbps. I reset the router and...