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    VOIP definition question, please

    A quick one - I am aware of the definition of VOIP as a telephone connection over the Internet. Can VOIP therefore correctly be classified as electronic communication?
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    Question about British Airways

    1. I booked a BA flight via the Dicovery Vitality/Kulula/ComAir platform. At the time of booking, I selected and confirmed seats. 2. BA cancelled the flight and I had to book a replacement flight, which I did telephonically with ComAir. 3. They said they were unable to help me select seats...
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    A second investment question

    I have a smallish amount - around R300 000 - that is currently with Sanlam Collective Investments and I add to the investment on a monthly basis. Can I move it elsewhere to get better returns? It is a contingency fund, so I need to have it available to me at short notice.
  5. Candystore

    Moving pension funds from Allan Gray to Discovery

    They offer a 10% '"Invest Boost" if you invest for minimum 10 years. Good idea to move the funds there, or are there better options in the market?
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    There are 151 pupils in a school hall. 1/3 of the boys wear glasses and 1/5 of the girls wear glasses and the total wearing glasses is 45 pupils. How many boys and girls are there in the hall?
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    Credit card fraud ... Uber

    Two of my credit cards' details were fraudulently obtained (I have no idea how) and subsequently used for Uber transactions. If I were to approach Uber, surely they could see who used my card, i.e. in whose name that app is set up and who the Uber driver was that made the trip?
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    Banana extract

    Does anyone know where I can get banana extract from a walk-in shop (not online) in JHB?
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    Meeting spot in Midrand

    Any nice meeting spots in Midrand where ones does not have to go through the pain of paid parking?
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    SARS requires independent estate valuations for properties

    If someone sells a property and the Deeds Office says that SARS requires two independent estate valuations for the property, is it the BUYER or SELLER who must arrange and pay for that?
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    Restaurant recos in Morningside, Durban

    Any recommendations for a nice place to have breakfast/brunch in Morningside, Durban? Google brings up a few, but I was hoping for a personal recommendation. Thanks
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    Contract phone versus straight buy

    Is it necessarily always cheaper to get a cellphone on an upgrade from your service provider than to buy straight from another supplier?
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    Laminate Flooring

    Has anyone here had Laminate Flooring installed? Which service provider did you use? Worth it? My quote is R230/sqm.
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    UK and French visas

    Is it easier to apply for these by yourself or via an agent? Have you used an agent that you would recommend? Also, which one gets processed faster? Need to know which to apply for first.
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    Which hotel is nicer?

    Garden Court Umhlanga Protea Hotel by Marriott Umhlanga Protea Hotel by Marriott Umhlanga Ridge
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    Game drive - Kruger National Park

    I am staying at a resort outside the KNP but would like to take a game drive inside the Park. Can I book this with the Park itself, or is it only done by outside safari service providers?
  17. Candystore

    Courier recommendations

    Do any of you know of a courier I can use to collect a parcel directly from a supplier in PieterMBurg and deliver to JHB tomorrow?
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    Word inserts odd spaces

    Please assist? I am using Office 365's "Dictate" tool in a Word document. When I dictate and then revert to the text to make corrections, Word inserts odd spaces after every letter I type. Example: If I correct the word "light" I get "l ight".
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    Which brand smart TV?

    55 inch or wider would be great. Budget max R20 000 Which brand do you recommend?
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    Home Affairs branches in banks

    Do you have to be an account holder to do the biometrics etc for an ID application at Nedbank? I have a credit card only. And do you need an appointment or will walk-in suffice?