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    Dell Monitor SE2416H keeps resetting

    Good day. Monitor out of warranty seems to be overheating and resetting on / off after duration of time. Tried on different pc's and changed cables, thoroughly tested and definitely the monitor packing up. Should I just put it on the rubbish dump or is their places that can repair PC monitors...
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    Wanted Pc Desktop Parts

    Item: Cpu 2500K, 3770K, 4670K, 4770K, 4790K, 6400, 6500, 6600K, 7500, 7600K, 7700K. Item: Motherboard supporting processor, and supporting overclocking. Item: 4Gb Ram Age: 100% working order Price: R2.000 - R2500 Negotiable Warranty: tested and working Packaging: not needed Condition: Perfect...