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    .Who distributes LG monitors?

    I am looking for the LG 55LV77D which I see firstshop and one or two other dealers sell it so must be one of the wholesalers - is it Mustek, I don't have their current price list, I need around 20 of them, so wholesale price would be better. I did try calling LG but they were like try this...
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    I love them after Easter specials

    Sure, Easter ended 2 months ago, but shops still offloading deals, and chocolate is chocolate, doesn't really go off so fast. Anyhow my Checkers at Waterfall currently selling the Cadbury Whispers Eggs for R10, same eggs were going for an insane R50 during Easter...
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    Trumps "Deal OF The Century" For Israeli/Palestinian Peace Plan.

    For a while now there has been talk of this alleged "Deal of the century" from Trump/USA to try and finally resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. If the reports are correct the full plan will be announced at the end of Ramadan which should also coincide with the formation of...
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    Mildly interesting fact about our R5 coin that you may not know

    Messing around with someones high powered microscope and put in a R5 coin and to my surprise the ridges along the wildebeest are actually not ridges, but spell out SARB - I did not know this. As I said - mildly interesting:
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    Land invasion underway in Midrand

    Lots of shacks currently being erected between Dane road and M38, Hundreds of people marking plots and erecting shacks, not a cop or any type of law enforcement in sight. Quite a surreal feeling driving past and see it happening.
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    So was God Listening, is it safe to walk around Midrand now?

    So Midrand is a tad dodgy at the least, lots of unreported shootings and break-ins, almost on a weekly basis, but it looks like Midrand police may have solved the crime in this area - but only, if you know who, was listening, do you think he was, and it is safe now to go for midnight strolls...
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    Dormant (FNB) Home loan/Bond question

    So house is actually in my moms name but I paid it up a few years back and nothing is owed. Anyhow bond has come to term and FNB are calling to have it cancelled and the deed collected etc, but my mom isnt that well and says she just doesnt feel like, doesn't want the hassle with the bank and...
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    Hamas rocket attack: Seven wounded north of Tel Aviv

    Good that A the sirens went off and B the family responded and went into their bomb shelter.
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    Rejecting Asylum Claim, U.K. Quotes Bible to Say Christianity Is Not ‘Peaceful’
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    Kind Samaritan helps supplement police income

    Surely its cheaper to drive around with KFC street wise mix - only R30 each!
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    Scam - Fake Dept of Health tender Microscopes TYCKE-X2C,

    Second such scam going around at the moment for supposdley supply of 40 microscopes to dept of health. Similar modus operandi as the first scam not that long ago. A fake tender is circulated - either from someone within the dept of health or somehow connected. They using the same quantity of 40...
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    Robbery attempt Edenvale high - 2 suspects killed Not much info yet on news24 but someone at the scene mentioned 2 of the perps killed and one arrested. Edenvale police station is adjacent to the school - not the best place to plan a day...
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    Have you come across this payment fraud (Nedbank EFT)?

    Ok, I have come across nearly all fraud attempts, but this was a new one for me. So you receive a payment POP from Nedbank say to your Standard account and don't look too diligently at the POP (yeah, yeah), but go to Nedbank and input the payment ref and account and amount, verify the payment...
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    Gambling ethical question, sort of....

    Let's say you've gone out to a casino for valentines day with a family member for a small flutter, to be specific the one that you also happen to be married to. So anyhow you each have your own budget for gambling and said family member, we shall call her ex-girlfriend or first wife loses all...
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    If I wasn't married then this would be the one

    ok, well maybe in a parallel universe where possibly I would have a chance, this would be the one
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    Man tries to destroy house because tenants haven't paid rent

    Hmmmm, tenants get away without paying rent and now homeowner probably going to be in deep ****, because of squatter rights and whatnot daft laws.
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    Road Rage - You bl$%dy B@3tard Bi@tch - Ok, have a nice day

    Road rage, but non-violent, should make you smile: Language not suitable for work hmmmm, link being iffy but you can click on the header :
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    How to Stay intimate with your dead husband......

    Make love long time with your deceased husband with one of these.....
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    Fake Nedbank EFT payment verification site.

    All the pre warning signs were there so was already alert before payment confirmation received. Anyhow if you click on the verify payment link supplied on the proof of payment attached it looks legit as **** and says transaction verified after you input the so called verification information but...
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    [semi nsfw] Outrage in Egypt after Danish photographer posts a picture of himself 'having sex' with a naked woman on top of the Great Pyramid