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  1. Cius

    Political adverts

    So over the past two weeks on the radio I have been hearing more and more adds. The first one that stuck out was a fairly mundane one, completely in English, by the FF+, so they are definitely targeting the English speaking vote this year. The more amusing one was on Jacaranda this morning I...
  2. Cius

    Building inspector

    So about 2 to 3 years back I got plans approved to close off the back of my garage and extend it a bit. Got CoJ approval and everything, did the job, and thought it was done. Just got a call from CoJ asking if they can come do the final inspection as the file has now expired. Anyone with any...
  3. Cius

    Force upgrade on Afrihost/Vuma

    Hey. So I have been on an entry level Afrihost package via Vuma fibre for the past year or two, the 4MB/1MB package which was fine for our needs. I just got an email from Afrihost saying Vuma no longer supports 4MB lines and we are essentially being force upgraded to the 10MB/2MB line package...
  4. Cius

    Complex going solar

    So our complex does not currently have a policy on solar panels or solar geysers, which means by default they are not allowed. With the price of electricity going sky high I am keen to install a solar geyser this year and then down the road solar panels perhaps. As such I have chatted to the...
  5. Cius

    Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet with Alexa

    So, a bit of a review time. So my wife has been wanting a tablet for a while now and after doing some research I found that from a hardware perspective at least Amazon Fire is offering serious value for money as compared to Samsung and Apple. Due to that I got the wife one a week or so back...
  6. Cius

    Hyperli , an online retailer to be avoided

    So we decided to order 2 identical tech products from Hyperli for our kids for Christmas to get from Santa. They delivered the two products in boxes that looked identical with all the key features listed correctly, but on Christmas when we turned them on we found that we had received two...
  7. Cius

    Brazil recognizes Opposition leader as president of Venezuela This Guaido has serious backbone declaring himself president from within Venzuela while Maduro lives and is effectively dictator of the country. Best of luck to...
  8. Cius

    Looking for education stats

    So I have been building up a spreadsheet of education stats in SA since 94. The department of education has a decent stats doc they publish each year but the one thing that I want that seems to be missing from it is the number of Math distinctions. The only place I see the number of distinctions...
  9. Cius

    #HlaudiMotsoeneng launches political party 'African Content Movement' So Hlaudi is giving it a go in proper politics. I think he is in for a rude awakening. Although I suspect some EFF and BFLF supporters might fall for someone like him.
  10. Cius

    Takealot black Friday robbery

    So on Black Friday due to the Takealot site crashing so much I struggle to pay for an order I made. On about the 5th attempt it got me as far as the payfast portal but after entering all my details and even accepting the approve it message on my phone the website then said the whole transaction...
  11. Cius

    Boosting WiFi through a slab

    Hey Guys Hoping for some views on an issue I have. We have a two story unit with a thick slab separating the bottom floor from the top floor. The issue I have is that on the ground floor WiFi reception is great but we struggle to get anything upstairs. The signal seems to handle walls fine but...
  12. Cius

    Steam Halloween sale

    Paged through it last night and did not find much that stood out. Does each day bring new specials? I forget. Anyways, please post any good deals you see and discuss.
  13. Cius

    Question regarding IT support costs

    Out of curiosity what do you think the hourly rate should be for someone doing IT support for say a school. Duties would be general desktop support, ensuring backups, email, and internet are up and running and the occasional re-install of machines etc. Setting up teachers with laptops and...
  14. Cius

    Android apps for tracking training

    So I have been going to the gym for a few months now and making some notes on my progress in terms of weight lifting. I figured there must be an app for this that could do far more for me and sure enough there are about a bazillion. Can anyone recommend a good app for tracking my training and...