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  1. tcofran

    Pretoria - Serial Killer ????

    If so, it's not like homeless people have a lot of things to steal...
  2. tcofran

    Heater for my study

    So my study is on the southern side of the house, and is very cold. it is very cosy (read small} at +- 2.5x3.5m. What would be the best way to heat it up ? I don't like fan or bar heaters though..... Has anyone tried something like this before ??? According to the site : "The heater powerful...
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    BIG cat

    More pics here at the Dailymail
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    F1 car stuns crowd with rendition of national anthem

  5. tcofran

    The Hu - Wolf Totem video

    I actually quite enjoy these guys Please move if not in right section of forum
  6. tcofran

    Sunbeam Electric Wok

    So, i want to start using my wok again, but the cable / power cord with the thermostat seems to have vanished ..... Any idea where i can get a new one that will fit this
  7. tcofran

    N1 in Pretoria to be closed 13 and 14 April 2019 April 4, 2019

    FYI N1 in Pretoria to be closed 13 and 14 April 2019 April 4, 2019 • Road The South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL) would like to notify you of the temporary closure of the N1 highway for the erection of a new Pedestrian Bridge at Erasmusrand/Waterkloof. More here
  8. tcofran

    Outside Broadcast vans - like the one's Supersport uses

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but does anyone have the size for the outside broadcast vans that supersport uses (see below) i am preparing for an event, and i need to layout some space for 10 of these, and i want to work on the biggest size, just to make sure
  9. tcofran

    Missing number

    So my wife was playing an escape game ....... What is the missing number in this sequence and why ??? I am too stupid for this ****
  10. tcofran

    Loftus Stadium has a Tinder profile..

    :sneaky::):cool: Linky
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    Colours and shades

    Research suggests that our gender, age and the language we speak can affect how we distinguish between colours and shades. Take our test to find out how well you perceive colour and compare your results to the UK public. TAKE THE TEST My result
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    Autocad Map 3d 2016

    Please tell me there is someone that knows this software..... If a insert a map (aerial photo), it is upside down..... arghhh
  13. tcofran

    Outlook issue - autocomplete

    So, my outlook throws away the autocomplete list for emails after closing .... that means i have to go to the roamcache and copy a previous "dat" file to get it back... any idea as to why this is happening ? Thanks T
  14. tcofran

    Dell Laptop issue

    So, yesterday morning i am busy working on my Dell laptop, when the notification bar opens and tells me that there are two Intel updates available. The one being the driver for the graphics (intel 620 or something) I ran the update and when the laptop rebooted it goes to the Dell logo, and then...
  15. tcofran

    JUST IN: Plane crash in Vorna Valley leaves two dead

    Seems that a plane has gone down in Vorna Valley Linky
  16. tcofran

    Visa Application

    Can anyone please here on the mighty MyBB please assist? I have a colleague with a Portuguese passport and his wife has an RSA passport. The couple would like to visit the UK but are confused with the processes to be followed. The RSA passport would require a visa of which a visitors passport...
  17. tcofran

    Tshwane Municipal Accounts

    So has anyone here received accounts that differ a lot from month to month ??? Two months ago (and before that) my total account would roughly be R 3200 Month after that = R 4 800 Last month R 3 800 It seems that the problem, according to this link is this: "Chairperson of the metro finance...
  18. tcofran

    [W] SSD HDD Hard Drive Caddy for Dell Inspiron 3567

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Bracket / caddy to install SSD in cd-rom location in laptop Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: New / second hand Location: Pretoria East Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes but I'll gladly collect in Pretoria / Centurion. Price: Cheap as...
  19. tcofran

    Sleigh bed fasteners / bolts

    Good morning MyBB, Where would be the best place in Pretoria / Centurion to buy these type of bolts ??? Or maybe someone has got a few lying around that i can buy ?