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    Functional Thread 9 - Tagged Union Types

    Tagged Union Type A tagged union, also called a choice type, discriminated union, disjoint union, sum type or coproduct, are data structures that are used to represent a value that could take on several different, but statically fixed types. Only one of the types can be in use at any one time...
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    Functional Thread 8 - Monadic Computations & Nullable

    Monadic Computations In functional programming, monadic computations are useful to encapsulate effectual style computations that need to produce an end result. More than that it provides a mechanism that allows us to structure our typically imperative style code more generically whilst also...
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    Visual Studio 2019 preview

    A new preview release of Visual Studio 2019 is available for download for both Windows and the macOS. Download Link Release Notes:
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    Functional Thread 7 : Lazy Transformations

    Lazy Transformations The purpose of this thread will be to focus on laziness and in particular two FP Algebras related to this: Yoneda Coyoneda (the dual of Yoneda) Yoneda is named after the Japanese mathematician and computer scientist (Nobuo Yoneda) who discovered the: Yoneda product in...
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    Functional Thread 6 part 2: Exceptions

    Exception Handling The purpose of this thread will be to focus on: Exception handling in Functional Programming (FP) vs. the OOP approach. Loose versus Tight coupling of input validations or any procedural data verification process I'll also be creating 3 FP data types that are more typically...
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    A massive spinning ring could store our excess energy

    To make more use of uncontrollable sources of energy like wind and solar, we need to invent new ways to store the energy they produce. One option is flywheel energy storage.
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    Functional PHP

    I've recently been drawn into a project that has selected to use PHP for a portion of the build; which means I had a chance to relook at what's possible i.r.o. PHP and functional code; naturally that meant I'd need some of the common algebras (Functor, Applicative, Monad) and a few types that...
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    SQLite Code of Conduct

    Link: :eek:... so being the heathen I am, what's a good alternative to SQLite... ...and just in case you were wondering...
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    Programming Sucks

    Article: Here's an excerpt; full article is a veritable quagmire of the hellscape of programming.
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    Functional thread 6: Functions

    The goal for this thread is a beginner friendly introduction to a basic building block we have in our toolkit, namely Functions. The areas we'll touch on in this thread will be: Functions versus Methods. Lambda Expressions (Functions) Delegates Type aliases Nested Functions Function Purity...
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    Wintergatan Marble Machine X

    Playlist of the construction process for the new marble machine; which is still not complete. Really interesting if you enjoy seeing the fabrication process: CAD/CAM, wood, metal, plastics, ...
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    Dependency Injection: Method(s) and a Challenge

    What is Dependency Injection (DI)? Dependency injection is a method to replace rigid dependencies in a codebase with its configurable counterpart, by implementing a design where a dependent resource is passed as a configurable parameter. Dependency Injection Objectives: Application / Classes...