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    Volvo for life

    Currently driving a 2015 Volvo S60 D4 with 60 000km and considered upgrading to the XC60 D5. I was only offered a trade of R202 000 on my S60 which means there is a R500k difference just to buy the XC60. I love my car, but at these poor trade in values I am no longer loyal to the Volvo brand...
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    W124 Mercedes Benz

    Im a huge fan of the old W124 Mercedes E class ever since I was a little boy. I just discovered an almost pristine condition E220 facelifted model. Anything I need to be on the lookout for in terms of maintenance and general repairs?
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    Gypsey Regal Tent required

    Any idea where one can find a good condition tent that will fit a 1997 Gypsey Regal caravan? The Regal tent manufactured till 2003 will do as the Regal Blue Series that came out after that has a different tent.
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    JoJo Owl houses

    Any idea where in the Western Cape I can find a JoJo owl house? I tried most big retailers that stock JoJo tanks but they cant assist me.
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    Volvo S60 upgrade

    Right, so I am one happy Volvo S60 D4 owner and driver. This is my first diesel vehicle and subsequently my first Volvo as well. With the new S60's launch not too far away in the future I am already thinking about a possible replacement vehicle in future. I love my car and I am in no rush to...