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  1. blaaislaai

    RSS threads for forum?

    Looking for this perhaps?
  2. blaaislaai

    The ‘9 to 5’ job will become obsolete in South Africa

    But I thought 8 to 5 is the norm?
  3. blaaislaai

    How many times a day do you quit your job?

    Everyday. At least once
  4. blaaislaai

    AMD reveals Radeon RX 5700 graphics cards

    Waiting on July to see benchies :-)
  5. blaaislaai

    It's much too easy to get a fake driver's licence

    I know of someone who had to pay R2500 and they never received their drivers license. They obviously couldn't report it as they were in the wrong as well :laugh:
  6. blaaislaai

    Vox Telecom Fatpipe

    Vox dead here as well 12mb adsl Ping: 60ms Download: 2.52Mbps Upload: 0.71Mbps EDIT: Definitely telkom.. Line syncs at 12mb, other ISPs gave a similar speedtest result
  7. blaaislaai

    Real newegg ships to sa now!!

    What shipping company do they use? And does the same company handle the package once it enters this country?
  8. blaaislaai

    Do you have fibre-to-the-home coverage where you live?

    2 weeks ago my area was trenched for Fibre. Nothing happened again ever since
  9. blaaislaai

    The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Thread

    We will have to rely on our bowlers, there's still a bit hope left.
  10. blaaislaai

    The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Thread

    It's going as expected
  11. blaaislaai

    Nvidia's RTX graphics cards aren't very popular

    The average gamer won't need to upgrade their cards annually. Majority have 1000 series cards and that's still good enough for a while
  12. blaaislaai

    Providing 18 year old with monthly income?

    I'm taking a guess here, Fixed Deposit
  13. blaaislaai

    Vox Telecom Fatpipe

    My usage/speed/data seems all fine still :whistling::unsure:
  14. blaaislaai

    Vox Telecom Fatpipe

    Mine still there
  15. blaaislaai

    Uncapped Telkom LTE for R899

    Stream 1080p most of the time, Yes. Game downloads and updates are 100gb at least, on a monthly basis
  16. blaaislaai

    Uncapped Telkom LTE for R899

    Lol what? This is the dealbreaker for me
  17. blaaislaai

    Lies Lies Lies

    I think there's a difference between Gold and Gold fusion. You probably have the Gold
  18. blaaislaai

    Google will stop Chrome users from using ad-blockers

    Block ads on a DNS level instead of browser level. Problem solved
  19. blaaislaai

    2018 Hyundai i30 N

    It's not fake.. it's an official Hyundai model. I own one of those i20N's Definitely not "High performance" though