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  1. Bryn

    Mac Miller dead :( I have no idea how many times I played this song back in the day:
  2. Bryn

    Smart outdoor security cameras in SA?

    I searched but don't see this discussion covered. I already have a decent Samsung CCTV 4-channel kit running and it provides 1080p live feeds on a display in the kitchen of both entrances to the property and two decent vantage points that give a good idea of who is outside. They're used pretty...
  3. Bryn

    The Spotify & Apple Music playlist/album thread!

    Thanks to MyBB supporting way more BBCodes now, we can embed Spotify content! So post anything you feel others here should check out. Make sure you're logged in online if you're a premium subscriber. To get things started I'll just throw down the Spotify-made playlist I'm currently listening...
  4. Bryn

    Diabolical OneDrive upload rates?!

    I signed up for Office 365 Personal the other day and it includes 1TB OneDrive storage. Pretty nice, but probably not anyone's first choice as a cloud storage provider. Very quickly I encountered a serious issue: a maximum upload rate of 16Mbps. Google Drive can hit 50Mbps (the max my line...
  5. Bryn

    PE Prof Gerrit Radder killed in cycling tragedy

    I don't think there's a thread for this yet so I thought I'd create one. Many students from NMMU (now NMU) will remember Prof Radder as a total legend. Crazy to think he's dead now and the holes he must have left in the many circles he was involved with. Easily one of the best lecturers I've...
  6. Bryn

    Capitec rated world's best bank again Well deserved in my opinion. Easily the best bank I've ever been with.
  7. Bryn

    "Don't shoot the messenger" (Telegram/WhatsApp snooping)

    This article was posted to the official Telegram News channel earlier today: I couldn't agree more, and I think it's a great response to this issue of governments wanting to spy on our instant messaging platforms. What do you guys think?
  8. Bryn

    Insane new Humble Freedom Bundle! It's on for one week - $30 for an insane number of high quality PC games and books. 100% of proceeds go to the American Civil Liberties Union, Doctors Without Borders and the International Rescue Committee. Humble aren't taking tips from this bundle and...
  9. Bryn

    iTunes EQ settings?

    Have any iTunes users here found a really great EQ configuration they can share? I'm struggling to make my music in iTunes sound as good as some online streaming sites like SoundCloud, RockRadio, RadioTunes etc. I have to assume those sites have got really great EQ settings in effect. The EQ...
  10. Bryn

    PSA: Free Spotify clone!

    Magical Tune I stumbled upon this website. It's a pretty good clone-in-progress of Spotify, with no geographical restrictions and an impressive catalogue. Thoughts? I wonder if they licensed the music? :erm:
  11. Bryn

    Get paid for word of mouth marketing with Rippln!

    Has anyone seen Rippln? It's a new means of receiving commission for contributing to sales. Many news sites are reporting how it's going viral, and it has some big investors behind it. Check it out for yourself: Here are five invite codes. Please add more to this thread once...