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    One-Day Giveaway – Win a 1TB WD Drive and a Mystery Gadget

    Sage Business Cloud Accounting Start
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    What was your worst consensual sexual experience?

    Cold fish sex: She refused for me to play with her koek, wouldn't let me suck on titties, boring kisser, FA foreplay. Went in dry, luckily condom was lubed. Faked an orgasm just to get it over and done with...
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    Do you own an iPad?

    Have 2 One is dead from toddler abuse Second one is used for DSTV Now, Netflix, Youtube and other online streaming
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    Targus Backpack warranty

    This used to be very easy process, so easy that I used to get a new bag every year from them. Unfortunately Targus has remove the distribution license from Tarsus Distribution (local SA Distributor). From my last experience (circa 2016ish) you now have to lodge claim with their UK based...
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    Do you use your smartphone to navigate while you drive?

    Waze. It does the job 99% of the time. Only annoyance I have is where it tells me that traffic is building up ahead when I'm already sitting in it.
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    Ethernet cable

    Hmmm, so you are running a copper cable from your property with its own 220VAC supply and earth potential to a neighboring property. There you will terminate onto a device powered by a different 220VAC supply and its own earth potential. Watch out for electrical ground loops here
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    What car would you buy back

    Very cool thread. Needs more pics though. My 2002 Astra Coupe And my Astra GTC Panoramic: Miss my sexy coupes now. So many good memories in those things.
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    Tom Moyane: I was the best Sars commissioner in democratic history

    This guy is smoking something strong
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    Do you remember that HOT! substitute teacher you had a crush on?

    I think we went to the same school dude... the hairy arms did not turn me off though:laugh:
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now and win an Amazon Fire TV and Branded Gear

    ECO tank: No more cartridges every other month
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    How to break into engineering design (power electronics, control systems, machines)

    Age should never be a limiting factor guy. I'm in my mid 30s with Electronic Engineering: Comms as an educational background, Electronic Security Systems maintenance as my main work experience with a current shift to Cyber Security Consultant as my 4 year target
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    Do you check Facebook every day?

    I uninstalled Facebook app on my smart phone about two years back to save on data usage and such. Now I barely go to my Facebook profile, maybe once a month or so to check if anything of interest popped
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    Unable to see Telkom LTE network

    Is the APN set to TelkomInternet?
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    best cctv diy kit

    Both Hikvision and Dahua have major backdoors in their hardware, firmware encoded admin credentials for "remote support purposes" according to each manufacturer. They are now banned in US Government installs due to this and other issues around Chinese manufactured hardware calling home...
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    best cctv diy kit

    I'll hold him down...