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  1. Pho3nix

    Confused - UPS Run Time

    Hi, Got a 2000KVA RCT UPS and to my understanding it has 1200w capacity. So how is it that when it has the TV, Router, CPE and Media Box it turns off after 30minutes. With just the router and cpe, it lasts a couple hours which works but a little disappointed as my daily usage on everything...
  2. Pho3nix

    Best City Car - R60-85k

    Hi, Friend is looking for a run around car for going to work and back. Budget a bit tight but current options were : 2009-2011 Peugeot 208/308 2009-2012 Ford Fiesta 2010 - 2012 Mazda 2 Maybe an i20 but don't know about the models here. Anyone have some feedback on issues with the following...
  3. Pho3nix

    Debt Or Pre-Pay Expenses?

    Hi guys, Looking to do one of two things, namely pre-pay some of my set-amount expenses ala internet, levies (averaged amount) and insurance for the year or rather gooi everything into my house or car? Thought process is surplus from not having to pay those other things can be payed into the...
  4. Pho3nix

    Which Managing Agent?

    Hi, On the long journey to possibly change managing agents but I was looking for possible recommendations and who to avoid. Please and thank you.
  5. Pho3nix

    Help converting Cursor to CTE

    Hi, Stuck converting this to a CTE and figured I'd ask if anyone has some thoughts. Also have the problem of the below showing me seperate results per iteration of the cursor but I'm sorting that out. Declare @json as varchar(MAX); Declare @id as int; DECLARE @RecordCursor as CURSOR...
  6. Pho3nix

    Quick Maths for watts and cost and effort

    Hi, Have about 40 gu10 10w lights. Considering changing these to the 3.5w variety but trying to get my maths right. New ones = 40 * 3.5w = 140w Old ones = 40 * 10w = 400w If charged at the tariff of R1.1858 per kwh then would the cost difference be R46 odd? (5 Hours a day of 3w = (140w*5) =...
  7. Pho3nix

    Diesel Quality - Is too cheap mixed with Paraffin?

    Hi, As my journey with a diesel vehicle continues, I've also now started looking for cheaper diesel. Some places are selling at R16 vs the R17 odd everywhere else is at but I'm not worried that it's waaaaaaay to good to be true. Any validity of the rumours(?) of stations mixing their diesel...
  8. Pho3nix

    Quick Question about Variables

    Hi, class a { private String answer = "ham"; public String getAnswer(){ return this.answer; } } Now.. I have another class B. Which way is the best way to use answer. Declare the variable or call super.getAnswer() multiple times in same class. //example 1 String random = super.getAnswer()...
  9. Pho3nix

    Mafia 155 - The Broken State

    A problem is a foot... within a political party, a group of insurgents seek to cause instability within the Party in within the county. Protect or destroy.. what shall remain of this country :crying: Players in game : @Splinter @AfricanTech @Mike Hoxbig @Grumpy96 @Datura @AirWolf...
  10. Pho3nix

    Mafia 155 - Broken Madness SignUp

    Hello Hi. Game might be bastard. Or Ok. Or Broken. Rules and regumalations will be posted in game thread. If you'd be so kind as to sign up plox. @AfricanTech @Datura @Mike Hoxbig @AirWolf @Arzy @Splinter @Wall @2012 @Sinbad @DMNknight Might have missed some other...
  11. Pho3nix

    Starting up a ISP

    Was curious over the weekend what is the process and peeps you would need to speak too to get an ISP going. Just the data side.. do you just speak to IS and give them lots of money? Also what are the backhaul providers? IS, is Teroco one? OOC : There isn't a lot of info on this locally but...
  12. Pho3nix

    [Sale] Dell 7537 Laptop

    Item: Dell 15" 7537 with 8gb of ram; GT750 GPU Age: Bought middle of November 2013 Warranty: Till Nov 2016 Packaging: Yes Condition: Great Location: JHB Reason: Sitting in a box collecting dust Shipping: Prefer not Collection: Yes Price: R7999. Basically a copy paste of my ad on...
  13. Pho3nix

    Sony LCD BX Series, Playing Sound through Home Theatre System??

    Looking for some help regarding this little problem, the sound from the screen is alright but apparently my siblings prefer to watch tv at crazy volume levels and I'm a bit worried about the speaker blowing. Is it possible to get the sound to play through the HT system (does'nt have HD-in) at...
  14. Pho3nix

    Pull Active Directory Details for Sharepoint Site

    Looking to pull AD details into a sharepoint 2010 form so that when a user starts a new form, the "Name" field is already filled out, it's supposed to pull the ad details from a list on the sharepoint site if you get me.. Have some code which worked on other forms and having a hard time finding...
  15. Pho3nix

    Toyota 1991 Twin Cab..Help !!

    Hey there Just replaced my carburetor and now the car wont idle..any thoughts ? Trying to figure it out myself cuz I love car's and would love to fix it but if all else fails will get it towed to a mechanic. Heard the are "knobs" that need to be adjusted ? Thoughts please...
  16. Pho3nix

    PSU Needed.

    Looking for a (I believe it's called a ITX or mini-ITX ) Power supply for a customers home pc. Been looking around and can't find them. Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I'm in JHB if that matters. Attached a pic of what I'm talking about
  17. Pho3nix

    Simple (I hope)Prepaid Question

    Hi there Was wondering when you are on the phone and you are running out of airtime and you hear that warning beep that helps remind you that you are almost outta airtime, does the other person on the line hear that beep aswell? Been wondering? :confused:
  18. Pho3nix

    Laptop HDD Error..Help Please

    Hey there Need some help regarding the a 2.5 ATA100 Laptop HDD. The hard-drive seems to have failed and need to recover the data off it..(belongs to a friends, doing this as a favour). Apparently the laptop hangs at the Black-SOD just after the POST. It wont boot from the XP CD and for now I'm...
  19. Pho3nix

    Milking a Cow ?? Please read

    Heya Looking to find someone who will teach my girlfriend how to milk a cow ( on a real cow lol). It's part of a couple things she wants to do for her bucket list and any help would be appreciated in helping me find some one with a cow to assist. Based in Jhb btw. Weird i know but im in...