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    Huawei ONT Power Consumption on UPS

    I have connected my fibre Huawei ONT to an Eaton 650VA UPS. The ONT claims to use 12V and 2A which would imply maximum of around 24W draw. This means that the 7ah battery should last at least 2 hours (loadshedding). But my brand new UPS died after 1 hour. It is only powering the ONT. When I...
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    Telkom D-link Router: Setting up VPN for remote access

    Does anyone have experience with the new Telkom D-Link router you get with Fibre (DSL-G2562DG/TK) - specifically, setting up a VPN server on the router so you can access it remotely and gain access to your home network. There is a VPN menu on the Router Config Screen, but the options are...
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    Best 43" UHT TV for PC Gaming

    What 43" UHD TV would work well as a PC Gaming monitor? I am struggling to find the TV model numbers mentioned on the rating websites. We seem to have different models in SA. It must have: 4x4x4 chroma, low input lag and decent refresh rate. It is not for competitive First person shooter...
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    How do these traffic lights work?

    Ok, I'll admit it. I'm completely confused on what the law states regarding these traffic lights that are all over Centurion for some reason. I will refer to the "LEFT" light unit and the "RIGHT" light unit. Note the arrow signs above each light (supposedly indication which direction the...
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    How to get Insurance if you've been rejected/blacklisted

    Asking for a family friend. They have been blacklisted by their insurance company after a claim they made, and now are trying to get insurance for their house, cars etc. But every insurance company they call rejects them as soon as they answer Yes to the question "Have you ever had your...