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    Github Repo's

    I think it will be cool to have a list of all MyBB users' Github accounts and follow each other.
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    Payment Processor - Flutterwave

    I came across Flutterwave via Hackernews earlier. It appears to be very much a carbon copy of Stripe and it lets you charge in foreign currencies, eg USD, which is good for startups and they pay to your SA bank account. At first I had some going through my brain when I saw their office is in a...
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    React discussion thread

    I've been learning React JS over the last few weeks. Still need to get into Redux for more complex state handling. I think I'm past the main learning curve and i'm having so much fun so far. Currently writing an API in Nodejs (Express) to serve data to the frontend. Anyone else learning React...
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    I built a crowdsourced list of Maker Blogs

    Just thought I'd share with you guys. Last week I had a few days to myself in between client work and built Maker Blogs for fun. I posted it on Product Hunt last week and it made it to #2 Product of the day, and I already got a sponsor, which I'm really proud of. Site was built in Python +...
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    B315 Remote Access

    Hey guys. So I wrote a little script that would pull some data (eg usage / hourly and save it onto a sqlite db. Works perfectly locally from my Mac. Now I'm attempting to get my VPS to do this for me with a cron job, which means I would need...
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    Vox Fatpipe 2TB account

    So our Telkom copper got stolen again (for the 8th time this year). Our local Telkom spokes person said they won't be replacing the copper, but will be installing fibre - which can take over 6 months. So I've ordered LTE-A for the time being. In other news, I cancelled my Telkom and Vox...
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    The Green Mamba (South African Passport)

    Howzit everyone. Need a bit of participation - I'm just very curious about the history of the South African passport. So for many of us unlucky souls, we don't have the privilege of travelling with a European Passport (amongst others) and have to roll with the so called Green Mamba, which...
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    Help with Blender Animator

    How can I make a shape fit bend, stretch and skew it onto so It can fit proparbly. Im trying to do this: With this picture: