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  1. Rickster

    Western Digital - Black

    The bigger the drive the more the heads are likely to fail, also more platters the more force it would take to spin them causing wear.
  2. Rickster

    Ubuntu to drop i386 (Intel 32-bit) architecture from 19.10

    But 32 bit programs can run on a 64 bit OS, just not the other way around. Unless im missing something.
  3. Rickster

    Microsoft kicks off the rollout of the Windows 10 May Update 1903

    I use this for my Windows download, 100% clean and unactivated.
  4. Rickster

    Cannot dial 135

    Try 083135
  5. Rickster

    Apple iPad Air

    What are you planning to do with it? If its for youtube and browsing then no.
  6. Rickster

    Flight Simulator 2019

    This is probably going to be a 200GB game.
  7. Rickster

    iPad and Bad Piggies

    An iPad Air 1 would be perfect.
  8. Rickster

    SSL Vendor Certificate at reasonable price

    Default cPanel SSLs secure everything and they are free.
  9. Rickster

    PSA: Rick and Morty Season 3 is out now

    Uhhh, yea, its very much worth a watch.
  10. Rickster

    The abortion that is Windows 10

    There are sleep states in the BIOS, check those out.
  11. Rickster

    Matrix Warehouse - From one store to a massive computer retail chain

    I still have my PSU that I got from then in 2010 in my main PC, its a Xigmatek Vector S850, still working fine but I have a suspicion its going to kick the bucket soon. Matrix is good if you need the odd PC part here and there, thermal paste for the el cheap home PC, cheap RAM, ethernet...
  12. Rickster

    Microsoft Office Pro 2019?

    I would rather settle for Office 2016, the EOL for 2016 Pro is 14/10/2025 and its cheaper.
  13. Rickster

    Help me to get rid of a microsoft account.

    Format and reinstall if you dont come right.
  14. Rickster

    Website blocking - VERYSTREAM.COM

    I get a cloud flare error.
  15. Rickster

    Macbook retina display`

    Apple Solution Experts near the dome, give them a ring and see if they can do it.
  16. Rickster

    Windows shuts down but case stays on issue...

    Did you recently update to 1903?
  17. Rickster

    Google will stop Chrome users from using ad-blockers

    Don't update chrome. ;)
  18. Rickster

    For Sale: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)

    We can't see that, please upload it like you did with your pics in your first posts.