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    down syndrome and hormones

    Family of mine got a boy who are about 19 and his hormones is reacting to girls. They ask for advice and one doctor suggest to cut out his balls and the other doctor want to give pills for about R4000 per month. Does anyone have advise or knowledge about this.
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    Phone lock's out of signal

    Myself and a friend drove in the Sasol area and both our phones locked out, getting a no service, emergency calls only indication. This happens regularly in that area. What we figure out is , there are places where there is no signal, and for some reason the phone just loose it. We are both on...
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    Where in Cape town can a Family walk in nature safe

    I am this weekend [16 June] in the Cape, where can we go and walk safely on a short nature trial.
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    Help me to get rid of a microsoft account.

    Yesterday I saw a flag asking me to open a microsoft account with a one time password. I did it and now every time this computer start up it wants this password. This is a home computer and I don't want a password. My computer is windows 10 home. when using google they tell you to go to...
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    Google account on phone with security.

    I gave my phone, Samsung A5 2017 model to a friend. I did factory reset it. When I started the phone after the factory reset, it first want my [previous] email and password before it took the new email. I did a factory reset on a Samsung J1 as well, and that one just took the new email. The A5...
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    Samsung A 30 and wifi

    So my sister got this phone on a contract. There is an router in a flat next to the house. With her old phone she and everyone was using the phone in her house kitchen , using wifi. So with this Samsung A30 on the same place, there is no wifi. She then took the phone till at the door of the flat...
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    intercape bus crash on a Welkom circle

    The driver later hang himself. At about 04h50am this morning a passenger bus overturned in Welkom on Alma Road. 3 Critically injured 8 Moderately injured 35 Minor Injuries 9 People died as a result of this accident 7 Were declared dead on scene and 1 died later in hospital whilst the 1...
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    Plane crash in Alaska

    heard about this seaplane crash in Alaska on the radio.
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    computer restarts every few hours

    I got this new computer , but they still use the old power supply. The operating system is windows 10. I just restart, like if I press the reset button. And then windows just carry on as if nothing happened. I did took it back to the local computer shop, they install some memory tester program...
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    Telkom contract lost Sim replacement

    Do I need to go to a telkom shop, or can I just buy a Sim and add my number
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    Freezer compressor repair Centurion

    Does anyone know a good place to replace it freezer compressor in Centurion, The compressor is at fault
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    micro sd card fail

    Hi, got a 64gb sd card, for an android phone. While taking a video, the phone died, and the card got confuse. I manage to copy almost all the pics to a computer, but cannot format the card. "windows unable to format card". must I replace it, or is there a decent format way. Seems like I recover...
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    Jam and sugar

    This morning while using apricot jam, I wondered what will they do about sugar tax. I mean coke got light and zero and original , and they even got sugar taste from beetroot. Will Jam makers carry on with "good" old sugar.
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    perfect phone

    I am reading a lot of reviews lately and it seems Samsung, Huawei , Nokia, etc are trying to get a phone out there to outsell the others. With new technology like flexi phone and maybe something like google glass I don't know where phones are heading to. I suppose as taste differ from country to...
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    uif new website

    Their new site is finally up, but now I need to re register everything. Myself, banking details, my domestic, where I stay, why I stay, my cat.
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    Samsung A5

    I am due to upgrade, but I love cheap phones. I love my A5 because of the dust and weather proof "feature". The MTN woman tells me she don't know if they have this phone. Do anyone know it's deal code. The other options are samsung A7 and Nokia 7 . I wonder if I must perhaps go Nokia.
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    sheep feedlot on a plot

    My sister is living on a plot. a neighbor just one day started a sheep lot, about 1000 to sometimes 3000 sheep. The truck bring the sheep at 4 and then offloading them till 10, the sheep crying another few hours, lots of dust , smell and noise. 8 plot people have ask the owner to move his...
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    Windows ten do not see portable storage

    When I got the new desktop, it had a USB 3 port at the back. I bought a extender to the front to use USB things. Now Mr ten does see my device, but say it is empty, and try to read it over and over. Windows ten was forced unto me, I bought it, and now struggle. On a laptop it work like it should
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    Cape Argus not on tv

    Why is the cape Argus not on TV anymore. Ok the name did change , but still.
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    Amps of zener

    Can anyone please tell me how much amps and voltage this zener is. If possible, where to get one also. This one is from a Toyota Bakkie abs