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    The PC Build Thread

    True was also looking at the MSI B450 pro carbon, but I have been using Asus and never had a problem before. They also say Asus bios, ram support and audio solution is very good on it. The MSI boards is lacking some finer detail.
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    WATCH | Newtown shooting: 'They made sure he was dead' - security guard

    People get caught on camera steeling!!! They deny it, and police will just say sorry the evidence is not good enough! This is SA people have that mentality innocent until proven guilty baba.
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    WATCH | Newtown shooting: 'They made sure he was dead' - security guard

    Well the police should prevent crime if they did their jobs. Looking for suspicious people and cars, stop taking bribes and loosing their firearms. They should prevent people having access to illegal firearms!!! Please if 70% of police officers were not corrupt this might have been prevented, as...
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    The PC Build Thread

    I was thinking the same thing maybe they will lower the prices again? But I am not paying R4000 for a motherboard when I am aiming to get a AMD 3600 which hopefully wont be more than R4000 on release.
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    Afrihost/Rain Support suckage

    Do not bother many had the same issues this is how they get you to cancel the service. This is how they roll I also had wonderful speeds at the beginning 50-60 on speed test that quickly changed when they started their unlimited Rain packages. The business policies is not good, best you can do...
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    The PC Build Thread

    I was checking out the Asus X470-F and wootware had it on special for R2799 last week, missed the opportunity. Then I saw rebeltech had it for R2679. I ordered one all cool and just I wanted to go there they send me an email saying sorry no more stock, someone bought 70 of those motherboards. I...
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    All government ministers get free DStv subscriptions

    Free cars, free housing, free DSTV, free electricity and free Salary as I not think they work for it, otherwise the corruption would not be so out of control!!!
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    Economy cannot remain in the hands of a few - minister

    Economy is in the hands of few ANC corrupt ministers.
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    South Africa, China sign R27 billion worth deal

    Yeah and the other 11 on unfinished project falling apart?
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    The PC Build Thread

    Damn sorry about that, what brand and board was that so that I could try and avoid the same fate? I guess it was not under warranty anymore? Where did you place your your order, I do think you mentioned wootware before?
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    The PC Build Thread

    That is one perspective but I was not asking you. But good to know you know what other people think? Price yes is always a factor, and yes the 2600 is going for a great price at the moment, but at the same time we do not know what the release prices would be on release maybe only a few R100's...
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    The PC Build Thread

    Nice and congrades but why did you not wait for the AMD 3 series? Please let us know if that memory runs at 3200 without any issues? Having a hell of a time to figure out what DDR4 sticks will work without hassles. I am wanting to buy the trident Z ram GTZKW which is not listed but the GPZR is...
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    Suddenly my speed is extremely slow.

    The same happen to me with RAIN that how they roll and force you to cancel.
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    The PC Build Thread

    Intel will be dropping prices 10%-15% on their 9 series pending AMD 3xxx launch.
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    Ramaphosa announces 7 priorities to take South Africa forward

    What happened to President Cyril Ramaphosa: Economic stimulus and recovery plan? Same BS stories this guy do not have a clue how to run a country!
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    We will reduce data prices – President Ramaphosa

    Data prices is that last of the worries! If this is the best he can think of then there is no hope for SA.
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    Rand gains 3% in ‘perfect storm’

    Already declining probably because of the poor SONA.
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    NUM to Ramaphosa on Eskom: No job cuts, no split, fire the board

    The board have been replaced so many times already, and that is partly the problem. They need to do all the above just to try and save it. I do not think anyone even wants to attempt doing a good job there anymore.