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  1. Batista

    The Cannabis Thread

    My wife is worrying me to go, I know that it will be a waste of time and money. Has anyone gone to this one? How was it?
  2. Batista

    What are you doing this weekend?

    Anyone going to the Cannabis expo at grandwest? How was it?
  3. Batista

    Weed growers thread

    Nail polish remover (Acetone)
  4. Batista

    Banana extract

    I forgive you, its a Monday.
  5. Batista

    Cape Town shore fishing?

    Pm me your email addy, I have all spots in Langebaan, False bay and Gordons bay in a pdf with gps coords.
  6. Batista

    Angelina Jolie in Talks to Make Marvel Debut With 'The Eternals'

    Her career is in the dumps, pretty much started after she made a movie with Brad about themselves trying to fix their own marriage.Yes a movie made by actors who are playing themselves trying to fix their marriage, which inevitable leads to their real world marriage being broken down...
  7. Batista

    The Cannabis Thread

    You need to hide all your indoor,wax,edibles and greenhouse and buy the cheapest swazi schit you can find and smoke that for a week.Thats what I do to treat tolerance issues.
  8. Batista

    Last day of work

    So what did you do OP? The reason you didnt tell anyone is because you are embarrassed?
  9. Batista

    Are there any luxurious small cars?

    I drove this the other day, very impressed and will probably get one : only bad thing is the bootspace
  10. Batista

    City of Cape Town takes Frogfoot to task

    So they are trenching in Gordons bay atm, I opened the tap the yesterday and brown muck came out with the water so they probably hit something somewhere.They havnt started on my sidewalk yet.
  11. Batista

    Help me understand

    Dont even bother man, people are gonna people.I just end up feeling sorry for the people around them.
  12. Batista

    The Cannabis Thread

    Nah just plain old regular.
  13. Batista

    Conor McGregor announces MMA retirement

    Take with salt please, he has done this about twice before.
  14. Batista

    The Cannabis Thread

    I need a detox.Quite broke atm so only smoking the sticky indoor that I harvested. Noticing its making me super lazy and cant focus.Usually smoke R30/g outdoor. An antiproblem to most people lol
  15. Batista

    Regular Tyre Flats - Root Cause??

    Thats from driving it flat.Trust me, I just had to change mine after my wife did this.
  16. Batista

    Cost of meetings

    We are looking into meetings as a employee, when you look at it from the eyes of a employer the purpose of a meeting is to show the biggest balls using numbers as intimidation.
  17. Batista

    Cost of meetings

    I lol'd, but I can see where OP is coming from. I have been in many meetings where I look around and think wtf are certain people including myself here.
  18. Batista

    Cost of meetings

    Right, so how are we going to cost the external peoples time?
  19. Batista

    Cost of meetings

    Thanks, im guessing this is only for internal company meetings and not external clients?
  20. Batista

    Trt In Cape town

    Since you dont want to ask your doctor, why are you exploring this avenue?