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  1. Batista

    Pay off bond or buy new car.

    Greetings all, So I have about 180k left on my bond and I have 170k saved up for a car.My current car will only fetch a price of around R30k trade in so for simplicity sakes, I have 200k saved.My current car is also old and I am very afraid of a big component going( eg battery 50k...
  2. Batista

    Replacement Car key

    Thought it was just my battery, replaced the battery and the thing still doesnt work.Dealership quoted me R2100 for a new programmed key.:wtf: Any ideas? My last idea was to source a key off ebay and program it myself. Google SA has no results for spare car keys lol Prius 2006 - not a...
  3. Batista

    C#/Webservice/WDSL Help - Importing XSD into WSDL

    Its simple , I need to import an xsd into my WSDL (Web service definition) Here is the line I added to the WSDL that i got off the webservice by appending ?WSDL to the end of the webservice address : <xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation= "Routes.xsd"/>...
  4. Batista

    Get rid of toenail fungus and athletes foot once and for all without harsh chemicals.

    Being embarrassed by ugly feet can cause more than just physical discomfort. For many people, the psychological cost of embarrassing feet and feeling ashamed of their feet is even worse. Do you always feel like people are staring at your feet? Always thinking to yourself, “I’m ashamed of my...