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    Tesla Truck and new Roadster

    The Tesla Truck and new Roadster announcement has been made over an hour ago, and not one thread about it yet. You guys suck. :D
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    Rain LTE: Horizontal vs. Vertical (B618)

    Try this and see if you get the same result: Place your B618 router on its side instead of standing upright. I accidentally discovered that this boosted my download speed from 5Mb/s to 15Mb/s in exactly the same location. Interestingly enough it did not really increase the upload...
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    Rain Tower Location: PM me your Cell ID's

    I might have found a way to locate the Rain tower that you are connected to if you are wondering where to point your external antenna. PM me your Cell ID, and I will reply with the tower location. It can be found under Settings >> System >> Device Information. Look next to 'CELL_ID:'
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    Walmart partners with smart lock maker August to test in-home delivery of packages

    Somehow I don't think it will quite work out as planned, should they try this in SA. :D Update: Mods, please move this thread to the 'Broadband and IT News'...
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    Afrihost fined R14 000 for sending spam emails

    MagicDude4Eva declared war on Afrihost.
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    Hackers Hid Backdoor In CCleaner

    Would recommend that you uninstall this app if you have it on your computer, or at least make sure you don't have the compromised version.