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    Sharks mom (and a slow news day)

    In response to a tweet that someone should 'shoop a knife into the hand of the woman in the Sharks Rugby masthead image, Quinton (@qornea, who works in the MyBB office) in his personal capacity slapped these together:
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    Upcoming Apple TV hinted by Reuters source

    New Apple TV hinted by source A Reuters source has hinted at “upcoming devices that stream content” similar to the way the current Apple TV streams video.
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    Vodacom blocking ports? Many apps on Android can't connect

    A bunch of apps on my stock Galaxy Nexus can't connect to the Internet over a Vodacom data connection. These include Plume and Hootsuite (Twitter clients), and Google Music. Google Music can't stream songs I've uploaded when off Wi-Fi. When I connect to an ADSL-backed Wi-fi network everything...
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    ADSL not syncing after massive storm in Centurion

    Tonight's storm seems to have hit hard - my DSL was working and suddenly it just stopped syncing. There was no lightning strike at the time or anything. Anyone else have the same problem in the Centurion area?