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  1. Mxolisi Maxwell

    Win R2,000 - If you could retire anywhere in South Africa, where would it be?

    Around the Surroundings of the Nature reserves. More especially in Richards bay
  2. Mxolisi Maxwell

    Win R2,000 - Which IT/Technology company do you admire?

    My favorite is Google. Pioneers from emails, cloud drives, document services (doc, excel, pdf & ), android OS, and much more.
  3. Mxolisi Maxwell

    Win Amazing Hikvision Products - Enter here

    Hikvision E1000 PCIe SSD- starte packer better for people who are saving Hikvision SSD C100 Series 2.5'' 1920GB- More storage E2000 1024GB M.2 PCI-e Gen 3 x 4 NVMe 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Maximum Read Speed 3,300 MB/s Maximum Write Speed 2100MB/s- great speed for read and...
  4. Mxolisi Maxwell

    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Hello, about Nedbank Business Banking, firstly I would say their website is great, smooth, intuitive and catchy; secondly, about business side it provides more options for customers to choose from from savings to cheque account which are affordable easy to manage. All in all i would quote "So...
  5. Mxolisi Maxwell

    What is your favourite vacation spot in South Africa?

    Hluhluwe Game Reserve. It's unique with Zulu hunt round houses with modern furnished interior there's swimming pool and nearby caged animals, breakfast, lunch and dinner are amazing with great food on offer. Great surroundings better to vacate in Summer time.
  6. Mxolisi Maxwell

    Why are you staying in South Africa?

    Why tourists are coming to SA? lool some people migrated to other countries after few months they regretted their decision and came back to SA again! More importantly there is Living God
  7. Mxolisi Maxwell

    Do you think South Africa’s new demerit system will work?

    There are many loopholes in law enforcement concerning road users, which are not updated but ignored, and then we wake up in the morning to new laws of which in the long run will interfere with old ones creating an environment where laws are being revised for no reason whatsoever to meet half...